Thursday, April 2, 2009

Agape's Plane

God is good! Isn't that something that just rolls off our tongue without really understanding the magnitude of it? I know there are a lot of things we say and believe that are so much bigger than the words - and even the concept!

Yesterday during a routine weekly run from Venice to Hispanola, Agape's King Air had an engine problem. The pilots Jeff and Steve had just taken off from Governor's Harbor and noticed something wasn't right in one of the engines. So he backed down the power and heard a pop. That's when the engine quit. The pilots successfully landed in North Eluethra. I am amazed at how all the training comes together in the "clutch" of situations and these guys briliantly land the plane. God is soooo good! When you think of all the little parts and pieces that had to happen to in order for these guys to have a smooth landing, it is amazing!

What is even more amazing is... one of the missionaries in the Bahamas helped the guys make their cargo delivery to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. So despite a broken engine, God is so good that the run was a success! Praise God.

But... prayers are still needed! Prayers for the engine and the plane. It is stuck in the Bahamas! Prayers for wisdom to figure out how to get it up and running. Prayers that we can borrow a plane until the King Air is fixed. Prayers of peace for the pilots and especially their wives. I am soooo thankful they are ok - but that still has to be a bit nerving, ya know? My first concern after hearing the pilots were ok - was the wives. I texted Mark, "Did anyone call Crystal?" So, please pray for the entire situation - wisdom, thankfulness and a speedy solution!


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