Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm happy to announce that Brewster is now a Mikarts!  He is the perfect dog! I have yet to hear him bark, he follows Mark around like a shadow, and he is not a "lick-y" type dog.  He lets Zach use him as a pillow.  He LOVES play catch and lets the boys chase balls with him.  When he goes for a walk... he goes for a walk - the dude does not like to dwaddle!

We are in love and will post pictures soon!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We Want a Dog

Yes, folks, we are crazy.  We want a dog.  Not just any dog, a labrador retriever. And notice that I said "Dog" not "puppy"?  After many months of thought, consideration, and procrastination, Mark and I decided to move ahead with the dog.

It's a lengthy process - submit application, home study, dog selection, meet dog, get approved by foster parent, get dog.  We could just go to the Humane Society and pick out a dog, but we want to be matched to the perfect dog...

The volunteer who does the home study was sick on the day of our initial appointment and we ended up waiting another week.  When she did come, she was super awesome and was great with my kids (a sign that she is top-notch). She told us that it takes a few weeks for the right dog.  I said all the right words about being patient, but my actions this week prove otherwise.

I became obsessed.  I must have emailed Gwen 10,000 times.  I narrowed my desire down to a fat, yellow lab in Ft. Myers named Buddy and a chocolate lab in Ft. Lauderdale named Brewster.  Brewster has a deformed back paw and primarily uses 3 legs.  Many people consider that a deal breaker (including my mean husband.)  For me, it endeared him to me that much more.  But I really, really want a yellow lab.  So I decided that if the deformed paw is not an issue, I shouldn't even consider it in my decision.  I told Gwen that I choose Buddy.

She emailed me the next day... Buddy is already taken.  I'm happy with Brewster and want to load up the car and drive to Ft. Lauderdale and bring that dude home!!  BUT... remember the 3-4 week process?

Yes folks, Gwen is out of town this weekend and so I won't be able to make the Brewster connection for another week.  Bummer. Bummer. Bummer.  I'm also worried that the foster family wants to keep him.  They said that he is the best dog they have ever had!

So I'm telling this story to share an interesting irony...  We want to provide overnight care for a friend's foster son (grandson, really).  But to get the social worker out to our house to approve our home is next to impossible. I find it interesting that the dog people are much more available and much better corresponders than the people in charge of children! Seriously! The social worker can't come later than 3 pm or earlier than 8 am.  Hello... I work from 8:30 - 4:30.  Wouldn't you want people with steady jobs to watch the kids??  So I won't be able to provide care for this sweet boy until the summer - when I'm available for a home visit.  Crazy and not fair to his foster parents - or my boys who play really well when he is around!

Update: We are hopefully going to meet Brewster this afternoon.  He is 3 hours away and Mark isn't completely on board.  He doesn't like the deformed paw or the pointy face - rather than blocky face.  His foster mom called him the best dog she has fostered. He doesn't need a crate, he doesn't need obedience class, he likes to be around people, he seems perfect!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Zach is still a spaz and other tidbits

Zach is still a spaz and we had to tweak his seizure meds, so we can't tweak the ADHD until we know the seizures are under control.  That just makes for long, interesting, and sometimes funny nights. He becomes hard to control and defiant when the ADHD meds aren't working.  It's not horrible, but I have to be on my "parental" game all the time.

Here are some random tidbits of our lives - most of these are Tweets or Facebook statuses.

Tonight I made chocolate chip cookies and Zach thinks they are spooky.  He would rather eat Chips Ahoy with all the transfat possible.  I told him, "You can have an apple after you eat my cookie."  Seriously.  How many of you have had to say that?

I got this note from his teachers, "Zach might need a bath tonight.  He and a classmate were barking like dogs during recess.  I told them they should pretend to be earthworms so they would be quiet.  Zach went over to the grass and played worm."  I love it!!

I lost my keys for 3 days. I searched high and low at work.  I found them during Sunday School.  In my purse. I forgot about the secret pocket...  I wish I could say this was my first time doing something stupid like that.  It's not the first and won't be the last.

We got 10 yards of dirt and I shoveled most of it one Friday afternoon.  It took 2 hours the next day to be finished.  I felt great.  I get a text from Mark on Monday asking if I ordered more dirt.  Apparently, we only got half of the load on Friday...  We didn't have anywhere to put the new dirt!

Ryan has this really cute, "Stop" and "Go" thing he does with his hands.  It's so cute!!!  You need to come see!!

The other day Ryan was being stubborn and I said, "Ryan! You are forgetting who the boss is."  Ryan replies, "Meeeeee..."

Basketball is over and soccer and baseball are starting.  I can't wait to see how soccer goes.  We have a baseball game this Saturday - Brandon and Kane are joining us!  I am excited to see how all the boys play together. If it's like last time, it will be great - the boys play together and don't need me.  Every once in awhile, they will say my name just to make sure I haven't left.  It's so cute!! I just hope Kane doesn't mind that Zach will follow him EVERYWHERE he goes!

Maybe next time I blog I will actually have something to write about!