Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Ways I wish I were like Zach

I was thinking about what I've learned from my kids and what qualities I wish I had.  I think God gives extra things to the people who have bigger obstacles than the rest of us. Zach is intellectually disabled and there are things that he can't do and won't ever do. But there are times that he is perfectly "normal" and logical.  And sometimes he has phrases that are just so age appropriate it makes me smile.  For example, when he is apologizing, he cries, he says he's sorry, he asks for a tissue and has recently added this gem: "I won't ever do it again."  So normal.

Some of the pictures are tiny and I have an explanation for that, but I won't bore you with it.  But here are some of the qualities I need to nurture in myself:

Complete awe and amazement during movies!  He discovered 3D for the first time this summer and it's more fun to watch him try and grab things than it is to actually watch the movie.  He's not afraid to jump up and try to grab the animation.  Such fun...

Know what you like and play with it... Talk about it... And just have fun!  Zach loves 3 things right now: Pirates, Monsters University, and Mermaids.  He talks about them NONSTOP and plays with them every opportunity he has.  

Working out is fun - just don't commit to doing it for too long.  Here he is using a foam roller as a barbell.  He's having a great time and he's not afraid to show the world how I work out.  In fact he's happy to demonstrate it at any time.

Eat what you like!  If you mainly eat apples and bananas, then chocolate won't be a problem!

Don't be afraid to wear your super hero cape!