Friday, February 26, 2010

"Your Hands" by JJ Heller

I LOVE this song! Have you heard it? I don't have a link to it, but I've heard it on the radio twice.

I don't have any major problems or concerns right now, but this song still speaks to me. I am wrestling with some pretty big decisions, but nothing horrible. I am not a fan of change and uncertainity (who is, really?) but my decision will definitely involve change and getting used to some new things.

So here's the lyrics:

I have unanswered prayers
I have trouble I wish wasn't there
And I have asked a thousand ways
That You would take my pain away
That You would take my pain away

I am trying to understand
How to walk this weary land
Make straight the paths that crookedly lie
Oh Lord, before these feet of mine
Oh Lord, before these feet of mine

When my world is shaking
Heaven stands
When my heart is breaking
I never leave your hands

When you walked upon the Earth
You healed the broken, lost, and hrut
I know You hate to see me cry
One day You will set all things right
Yea, one day You will set all things right

Your hands
Your hands that shape the world
Are holding me, they hold me still
Your hands that shape the world
Are holding me, they hold me still

I love it! It reminds me that despite all the yuck in my life, God holds me. He may not "fix" it the way I want, but He fixes it the way He wants. And resting in His plan is so stinking hard... Even though I have accepted (sort of) that my boys will never be "normal" I still wish he would fix them. So this song speaks to that hurt I still carry.

I also really love the part about asking God to make my paths straight. I seem to take the most circuitous path. I think I could avoid a lot of heart break if I would just follow His path.

I hope you have a chance to hear this song and love it as much as I do!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I am NOT participating in NOT Me! Monday by MckMama at

I am pretty sure you know the rules... admit some faults or things you really wouldn't normally "claim" and then check out the other blogs linked up at MckMama's site...

I am NOT avoiding a mountain of papers because I had a sub for three days last week. My avoidance does NOT include blogging, checking Twitter or my email. Nope, I always use my time wisely...

I did NOT pray for my kids to get a fever on Saturday! They were NOT wild monkeys by 9 am. I was not hoping that the fever that struck 70% of my son's class would strike him just so he would calm down!

I do NOT have a countdown to the end of the school year... it is NOT 68 days...

I am NOT contemplating another marathon. However, the thought of long runs on Saturday is NOT holding me back.

I did NOT watch curling and actually try to figure the sport out. I am NOT any closer to understanding the game.

I did NOT spend my Saturday night at Walmart and then parked in front of the Olympics...

I have NOT avoided finishing my taxes because of a childcare form that needs to be filled out.

I am NOT happy that the end of the day bell has finally rung... It is NOT time to finish up for the day and go home!

This is NOT one of the lamest of these I have ever done...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Living Cheaply

Ok, with the economy in the toilet and my savings just about in the same location, I have been working really hard on living frugally. I proudly wear the title of cheapskate and love reading about ways to save money.

Mark and I have recently started using cash only again. We eat out maybe 3 times a month. We don't go to Starbucks. I only buy clothing on deep discount. And really the only "splurge" is for Mark to fly his airplane for about $75 a month. So, we live cheaply.

I have a few goals of things I would like to do - places to go on vacation, a multi-engine instructor's certificate for Mark, and some material things. I need to save up for those items.

At this point, I don't have major areas in my budget to cut; it's just nickle and dime saving. So I've been researching different blogs and websites and trying to get ideas. I think the most logical place to save money is in the area of electric bill and weekly cash.

I am so tired of the people that tell me the best way to reach my financial goals is to stop eating out [done], don't buy coffee [done], pay off credit card debt [don't have any], clip coupons and double them [no one around here doubles and I clip], and stop getting manicures [never started].

So I need real, practical ideas. How can I save on grocerys and electricity? Any ideas out there?

Here's what I've started this weekend:
* Grocery Price Book - so I can determine when something really is a bargin
* Meals in the freezer so I don't have to wonder what to make for dinner
* Build meals around what's on sale
* Save left overs

What else is there to do???
Help me!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I may have said this before, I don't know, but Zach has an obsession with "tomorrow". Whenever we say, "No." He responds with, "Tomorrow?" It is so cute and annoying all at the same time! Here are some of my favorite tomorrows...

"Momma, I want to go night-night with Chloey."
"Nope, not until you are married."

"Zach, I am making dinner, no snacks right now."
"Tomorrow? I eat tomorrow?"

"I want ho-ho-ho [Santa Claus]"
"Zach, it's February, Christmas is over."
"Oh, tomorrow I want ho ho ho."

"Honey, it's 7:30 at night, we are not making M & M cookies."

Zach walks up to a complete stranger in Target. "You wanna come to my house tomorrow?"

In a tearful voice, "I wanna go on the bus, the school bus, the yellow one."
"Today is Sunday, we go to church today."
Still with his quivering lip, "Tomorrow?"

And sometimes we use it...
Zach brings out the Moon Sand. "I wanna play this."
"No honey, not tonight... Tomorrow."
And he falls for it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures of Haiti

I'm not sure who took these pictures, but Mark brought them home on a CD. Anyway... they are from the pilots and missionaries of Agape Flights. Agape has had a relationship with Haiti since the early 80's. Since the earthquake, they have sent an unbelievable amount of relief supplies to the missionaries they serve in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. My husband, Mark has flown into Port au Prince and surrounding areas at least 7 different days. He said the pictures and the media don't even show half of the "horrible-ness" of the situation.