Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let's see if this works...

I'm trying to put my running route on my blog. I am trying to put it in my post, but it might end up on the side. Let's see... We only did 12 today. Next week... 18 miles!! Holy cow, that's a lot of miles.

Anyway, it's cold out there! When I got up said it was 41 but felt like 35!! I layered up... I ended up quite comfortable and was down to just my t-shirt by the end!! This will work, but give it a second to go from the US view to the view of today's run. I guess you don't get the option of zooming in. But we went from the Y, past the airport, down Harbor, to the beach (pit stop!!) and then up Venice Ave to Jacarada, across Jacaranda to Center and then back to the Y. It was kinda windy, so we didn't have very good time!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here it is... Not Me! Monday. A blog "carnival" started by McMamma at This is like free therapy - a chance to deny everything you did this week. Then hop over to her blog and see lists of what other bloggers didn't do this week... It's addicting... like Facebook... Which gets me thinking...

I am not totally addicted to Facebook! I do not check it all the time and find out what people are up to. I am not frustrated that an application I added to my page isn't working right. I do not want the whole world to know what my running routes are. I do not want to the world to know how excited I am about running.

Speaking of running, I did not call my running partner before I hit the "submit" button to sign up for my first marathon. I did not need that extra boost of confidence. I did not sign up for a marathon in Tennessee - who would want to run 26 miles on purpose in one day? Not me. Speaking of running, I did not only get three miles done this morning. I was not feeling yucky!

I am not excited that I listed a pair of Mephisto clogs on Ebay and not even 12 hours later I have a bid! I am not listing 20 things this week - half of which are not for a friend. I did not ignore the world yesterday to do all that stuff.

I am not at work stressing about all I have to do today. I am not freaked out by the list of meetings to attend. I do not hate meetings. I do not have trouble sitting still while people argue about stupid things. I am not updating my blog when I should be working on FCAT data and a flipchart on strong vs. weak arguements. I am not so hungry that I've already eaten breakfast - and lunch. And it is only 7:08 am...

I do not feel that my "nots" aren't too exciting this week. I'm afraid I've been a good girl. But I do not have any pictures to go with this blog. All I can not give you is this picture of me not stuffing my face with Chili... By the way, I am not wearing the dress that some guy at Lowes (you know, the hardware store) told me I looked like a hundred bucks in. I was not later disappointed that all that running and I only look like a hundred bucks. I was not relieved when my husband told me at least I don't look like a dime. But not back to the picture - I do not look kinda guilty - or at least freakish...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gulp! A marathon!!??

Well kids, I did it!  I just paid an amazing amount of money to torture myself for the next 4 months and 14 days.  Yep.  I just signed up for the Country Music Marathon.  26.2 miles.  Before I hit "submit" I called my running partner to ask if she thought I could do it.  See, it's a mind game.  Truly, it is!!  Sure you have to train, but the miles aren't so bad - it's the little engine that could mentality.  Or the thought behind this riddle: How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  How do you run a marathon?  One 2-1 interval at a time.

Today I ran 16 miles in 2-1 intervals (that's two minutes run, one minute walk).  I did it and I could have done more.  Sure my legs are sore, but my spirit is excited.  I can do this, I really can!  I just have to keep this positive attitude - which is tough for me!!

So does anyone want to join me?  Just think how many calories you burn when you jog/walk for several hours.  Think how great your legs will look.  I'll get a better picture of my legs.  Cause, they are my favorite body part.  You see, I've done lots of miles and calf raises to get these babies.  You might not be impressed, but I am - I've always been the chubby girl.  While I'm not svelte YET, I do have some nice calves/shins!!  My toes are cute too.  But you'll have to wait to see those.  By the way, how do you turn the picture?  I tried editing it and it looked good on the photo editing program?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Conversations with Zach

Let me start this post with this: I am not complaining that Zach can talk.  I will not tell Zach to stop talking - this speech has cost many people lots of time, effort, angst and most importantly - prayer.  However, I am asking that y'all start praying really hard that Zach gets some variety in his speech.  I thought, however, that it would be pretty entertaining to blog a few conversations...

Z: Where's daddy?
K: He went back to work.
Z: Why?
K: Because he has to let some people into the hanger.
Z: Why?
K: Because they want to use it.
Z:  Why?
I don't respond.
Z: Where's daddy?
K: At work
Z:  Why?
No response from me so the above continues for a few minutes.  Then Zach does a change up...
Z: Is daddy on the bus?
K: No. He's at work.
Z: Why
K: To let people into the hanger.
Z: Why.  He watch Car movie (comes out as Car boobie)
No response from me...  So Zach climbs on the window sill.
Z:  Mamma, mamma
K: What, baby?
Z:  Where's daddy?  
Then he finds something to play with.
Z:  Mamma, mamma
K: Yes honey.
Z:  What's this? (shows the object)
K: It's part of the blinds.
Z: Why?

Another frequent conversation...  This one just happened in the car as I was bribing him to come to the store with me.  I made the mistake of bribing him with M & M's.

Z: I want M&M's (pronounced nm n nms)
K: Ok, we'll get them at Walgreens.
Z: Ryan wants nm n nms
K: Ok, we'll get him some too.
Z: Daddy wants nm n nms
K: No, daddy wants Neco wafers.
Z: Why?
K: Because that's what he asked for.
Z: Why?
I don't answer...
Z: Mamma, mamma [taps on the shoulder]
K: What Zach?
Z: I want nm n nm
K: I know
Then this conversation cycles until I pick up a box of snacks for Ryan's class.
Z:  I want Nemo (he's on the box)
K: It's for Ryan at school.
Z: Why?
K: Because he needs a snack
Z: Why?
This cycles for awhile until we get back onto the nm n nm topic

[I thought this picture was Zach holding up Car's movie.  Nope, it's him holding up a package of underwear...  Same idea though...]

other popular topics that follow the same repetition:
* watching Cars
* Riding the bus
* Santa Claus and Baby Jesus
* Seeing Dana (his teacher)
* Playing baseball (but he actually means basketball)
* Dora, Diego and Nick Jr.
* Playground
* Christmas tree goes right here (and he points with his foot)


Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's NOT Resolutions

So this year I've decided to make a list of NOT resolutions or NOT to-do's...  I included some pictures - not necessarily because they match the resolution (because they don't match), but because you guys don't care about my words - you just want pictures.  

Here is to 2009...  May it be full of faith, friends, and health!  These are the things I am NOT going to do this year:

I will not let circumstances or people cause me to doubt myself as a beloved child of God, a capable mother of two high-maintenance children, and wife to a loving husband.

I will not forget to let Mark know how much I appreciate him and how he holds his cool in the "clutch" of life - when I need it the most.

I will not forget to play with our dog, Troy.  (This isn't Troy, but this picture reminded me of Troy's "neglect")  

I will not undermine my faith with worry.

I will not forget that life is a precious gift and even when the children are making me pull my hair out, I will remember that I have been trusted with their lives!!

I will not question my ability to run/walk a marathon in April.  I can do it!

I will not forget to celebrate the achievements of my children - how big or small they might be.

I will not worrya bout other people's perception of my children or their lack of understanding about what makes my kids who they are.  God created them with a purpose and not everyone gets that.  I won't let them get in my way or make me cry!

I will not shy away from family pictures.  And I will not put on the 50 pounds I lost.

I will not forget my camera for fun events.  I will not forget to blog with pictures!!

I will not forget to drink from the golden cup.  (How cheesy is that??)

I will not forget to put God first in my life.

I will not let Ryan drink Easter Egg dye.

I will not over-burden Mark with home improvement projects.  Mark, I did not say you won't get any, I just won't over-burden you with them.  

And, I will not let Mark determine what "over-burdened" is.
I will not compare my children to "normal".  This only makes me get upset.  I will not get involved in mompetitions.

I will not bore my husband on our Thursday night date night.

I will not forget to be intentional about spending time with my family and friends.
I will not get too busy to play with my children or help them with learning stuff.  (I'm a teacher, "stuff" is a highly technical term.)

Last of all, I will not let what happened last fall at my children's school continue to upset me.  I will keep taking it to God until I can accept and forgive - without "taking it back" from God.

Hmmm, tall order - some easier than others.  As the kids are screaming, crying and wrestling because I'm blogging, I should add... I will not get too busy on the computer that I ignore my children, then get mad at them for wrestling and whinning.  But I won't add that because I will be breaking the NOT resolution as I type...