Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me! Monday - Marathon Edition

Welcome to another Monday, folks... This little game that I have been doing was started by MckMamma at Go check out her site - it's impressive and she probably doesn't have a post as this is WEEK 5 of her baby being in the hospital for SVT and heart related issues!! But my denial continues...

I am sure you did NOT miss the title of this post... I promise, this is the NOT the last time you will hear about this marathon. But quite a few things did NOT happen at my Country Music Marathon. If things did happen, some would be funny and some would NOT be funny...

  • I did NOT spend 8+ hours in the brutal sunshine without sunscreen. That would be stupid. But if that were the case, I would NOT be bright red on my ears, face, scalp, shoulders, and back of my neck...
  • I did NOT study which marathon to run. I did NOT base my choice on average temperature and the elevation chart. I did NOT pick wrong. It was NOT 86 degrees on this course! I did NOT know that a 200' hill really is like a mountain to someone in Florida. I do NOT train on flat ground, so I would be ready for any hill that came my way. And since I live in Florida, the heat should NOT be a big deal.
  • I did NOT buy this new hydration pack. I did NOT figure out the leak. I did NOT fill it with water and then have it leak all over me before I even left the hotel room. I did NOT leave my trusty waist belt at home. So I did NOT run for the first time ever with my new backpack. It was NOT a pain in the butt because anytime I wanted something, I had to stop running, unhook it, and take it off. You know, any seasoned runner KNOWS NOT to try anything new on the day of a marathon. So I most certainly would NOT break that rule.
  • Speaking of that rule, I would NOT forget my breakfast that morning... I would NOT have only one package of Sharkies and so I would NOT supplement it with a beverage I have NEVER trained with. That would be stupid. The above combination would most certainly not contribute to the stomach ache I had.
  • I did NOT get up at 4:15 am, get to the shuttle by 5 am and then the start line by 5:30 am only to wait around 2 hours before the race started. That would be stupid. We know I am not stupid...
  • I would NOT sit on a huge pallett of ice bags when I finally finished the marathon. It would not feel really good on aching muscles...
  • Since my time was anything but stellar, I am NOT planning my next marathon...
And this one, I am NOT ashamed of... My pride was NOT hurt when Krystal, who didn't train for this marathon, walked the whole thing and finished before me. I was NOT mad at her because I am a great, supportive friend who would only celebrate her accomplishments. But if I were to be mad, I would NOT be feeling better when she could barely walk that night or the next day or the next... I do NOT feel better when she is in pain and I don't hurt much... I keep telling myself that she should finish before me - she is 20 lbs lighter, 11 years younger, and has not had 2 babies - and she didn't stop to help the lady who passed out...

There it is... the good, the bad and the ugly!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank you Heavenly Father!! I did it!! I am DONE! (literally)

I finished. I always said, "As long as I finish. I don't care about my time." I finished and none of you will ever know my time.

Let me just give you a few lessons learned:
1. Pick a winter marathon. It was 90 degrees!
2. Pick a marathon with shade. The last 13 miles had very little shade. When we needed it the most.
3. It's ok to walk.
4. If you run a hilly marathon - practice with hills.
5. this goes with #4 - really pay attention to that elevation chart. The bumps mean something!!
6. Find someone to pull you through the difficult miles. You will need each other.
7. When you spend 4 hours with a stranger - they are no longer a stranger. You will share and be told some stuff you would never tell anyone else!
The biggest lesson...
It is only through Christ's grace that I finished this thing. I did not know how important that would be. Wait, I knew I would need his strength, but I had no idea how stinkin' hot it would be and what heat exhaustion/stroke just might feel like.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ummm... yeah...

Ok, so I've spent the day in Nashville and it is really hilly!! When I looked at the elevation chart for the run, it did not register that those lines going up and down mean that it is going to be hilly. I mean, like hills that last for 2 miles. Um what was I thinking again? Oh yeah, that it would be a good idea to run a marathon.

At least I have a cool t-shirt out this whole thing.

One more thing I've learned from Nashville, don't park in the parking garages they are insane.

But other than that, I'm having a great time!

Please pray!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting My Game On

All right folks, less than 36 hours until my big event...  I am excited, but nervous, but excited.  I am packed and ready to go - so I thought I would watch one of my all time favorite movies - Facing the Giants.  I love the lines in this movie and so I'm putting some here to remind me of a few things - and maybe they will apply to your life too...

David and his dad are talking and David is glad that he didn't play in the game and he says, "I can't mess up" [meaning if he doesn't play and they lose - it's not his fault] 
His dad says, "That's fear, son."   
This speaks to me because I would rather not put myself in the game than risk failure...

In this same conversation, David's dad says, "I've prayed since you were little that God would show how strong He is in your life.  Through you, people would see how good He is."  
David responds, "Then why would he make me so small and weak?" 
 His dad says, "To show how mighty He is."  
This has become my prayer for my boys.  Instead of small and weak, it's handicapped.  I cry everytime I pray this...  So this isn't so much about my marathon as it is just an amazing prayer!

Coach Taylor's old football coach says, "In God's word He says, 'Do not fear' 365 times.  He must mean it!"  I can not fear this marathon.  This is a total God showing His strength through me kind of thing!  I guess a Phil. 4:13 kind of event!

Coach Taylor says, "For the rest of your life, you will remember today.  I want you to remember that you held nothing back, that you did not lose heart, you did not stop fighting, you did not quit!"  Amen

Ok, I'm ready!  One more thought - I wish in Phil. when Paul is talking about running the race to get the prize... I wish that he was not straining for the prize, I wish he were frolicking towards the prize.  It might make the long distance run seem less harrowing.  But then I guess I wouldn't be so darn nervous.  Oh, that's fear, never mind...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Voice of Truth

[picture coming soon.  I can't deal with this right now, I have to make dinner]

Here I am just days away from one of the physically hardest things I will probably ever do in my life.  I know that sounds dramatic, but that is truly how I'm looking at it.  I was thinking about labor and delivery and I decided that the marathon is probably harder.  Because when you are pregnant, the baby has to come out - I mean, you can't just quit in the middle and say that's it, I'm done.  I am fully aware that the pain of labor is much more intense (duh) and the recovery after having a baby is significantly difficult (can we episiotomy??).  But you have no options.  With a marathon, I can quit.  So sticking to it is going to be really hard especially when I'm dragging and hurting.

And that my friends is why I'm doing it.  I'm a quitter.  When the going gets tough, I quit.  So this marathon has been an exercise in persistence, setting a goal, and doing it.  I am battling the angel and the devil on my shoulder.  

(Total sidebar here... Mark and Zach are talking about some picture of a woman sweeping.  All you see are the legs, high heels, and a broom.  Mark says, "Those legs are pretty muscular, those aren't Mommie's legs."  Ok, I'm really proud of my legs, they are the best looking legs I've ever had.  Someone is in the dog house.  Want to guess who?) [another picture comin]

Anyway back to the subject...  As I am closing in on my "ADHD Tour of Nashville", I am trying really hard to focus on the angel.  I have trained for this, I can do this...  So when I hear this song on the radio, it makes sense...

The Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns

Oh what I would do to have
The kind of faith it takes to climb out of this boat I'm in
Onto the crashing waves

To step out of my comfort zone
To the realm of the unknown where Jesus is
And He's holding out his hand

But the waves are calling out my name and they laugh at me
Reminding me of all the times I've tried before and failed
The waves they keep on telling me
Time and time again. 'Boy, you'll never win!'
"You'll never win"

But the voice of truth tells me a different story
And the voice of truth says "Do not be afraid!"
And the voice of truth says "This is for My glory"
Out of all the voices calling out to me
I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth

Oh what I would do to have
The kind of strength it takes to stand before a giant
With just a Sling and a stone
Surrounded by the sound of a thousand warriors
Shaking in their armor
Wishing they'd have had the strength to stand

But the giant's calling out my name and he laughs at me
Reminding me of all the times I've tried before and failed
The giant keeps on telling me
Time and time again "boy, you'll never win!
"You'll never win"

But the stone was just the right size
To put the giant on the ground
And the waves they don't seem so high
From on top of them looking down
I will soar with the wings of eagles
When I stop and listen to the sound of Jesus
Singing over me

I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's sorta Monday again!  Can you believe another week has sped by?  I am NOT one week closer to SUMMER VACATION... 29 days but who is counting??  Definitely NOT me... 273 hours...

Not Me! Monday is a blog carnival by MckMamma at  She probably won't have Mr. Linky up because she is in Boston with a very sick baby.  He is scheduled to have major heart surgery on Tuesday, so PLEASE pray for everyone involved!!

Well, let's get started...  I am NOT posting on Sunday night.  I do NOT usually do my not me's on Monday morning, but I will NOT be in a training all day Monday.  I have NOT spent the what feels like the better part of April in meetings, professional developments, and the like.  I do NOT hate meetings.

I am NOT horrified that I missed the blog Spring Fling over at Domestically Challenged this weekend.  It was such a great idea and I did NOT forget to email my post to Sara.  On Friday, I was NOT braindead because of a literacy coach meeting.  I did NOT spend the day with people complaining about things that are out of our control.  This does NOT suck the life out of me.  I also did NOT spend the three hours being "trained" on technology I understand.  I did NOT feel this was a colossial waste of my time and this did NOT make me grumpy.   Then when I realized I missed the Spring Fling, I did NOT feel like crying.

I am NOT in tick warfare mode.  I did NOT have this big tick destruction plan for Saturday.  I did NOT send Mark out to cut the grass while I was NOT going to vacuum every nook and cranny of my h0use.  After two minutes of vacuuming, I did NOT suck up a dust ruffle and break my vacuum.  I am NOT going to be without a good vacuum for about two weeks!!  I do NOT love having vacuumed carpet.  Seriously, I love to vacuum...  I am by no stretch of the imagination a neat freak, but dirty floors kill me.  I am NOT hurting...  

You will be happy to know that I did NOT spray the yard, the trees in the "forest" next door, bathe the dog, and use super-duper tick be gone drops.  I will NOT win the war against ticks.  Oh, and I did NOT have one on my stomach Friday night!!  Eeewww... that would be gross.  I am NOT relieved to know that ticks in Florida are not disease carriers.

I did NOT leave my child's backpack in the parking lot at his school.  Actually, that's true I did NOT, I should say, Ryan did NOT leave his backpack...  So I did NOT send him to preschool with a Vera Bradley backpack.  That would be girlie...  

And finally, we did NOT spend the afternoon at the beach without sunscreen.  We did NOT manage to not have any sunburn!!  I guess we did NOT get there late enough...  My children are NOT acting like heathens because they are tired and I'm NOT too busy playing - I mean- blogging on the computer.

Ok, so they don't look like heathens... but trust me, they are acting like them!
Oh!  I almost forgot...  There is NOT five days until the marathon.  I am NOT scared to death.  I did NOT spend Saturday visualizing where I would be in the race and imaging the pain I will be in.  Is it cheating to pop Advil during the run?  Yeah, I do NOT think so either.  But you will NOT find it in my fanny pack...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here it is... another Monday and that means it is time to do some denying. MckMamma at started this blog carnival and I'm addicted!

I spent Spring Break at home with the boys and I am proud to say that I did not collect a whole bunch of things to deny! But... here are just a few:
* I am NOT feeling proud because I accomplished the two things I needed to do over break - schedule a doctor's appointment and do Zach's 24 hour urine test. Hmm - I was very productive, huh?
* I do NOT hate my new hair cut because I do NOT look like Carol Brady or Mullett girl. I have this long stuff on my neck - other people say it's cute, but...
* I did NOT put a bunch of Easter Eggs on the front lawn for the boys to collect - only to realize that I first needed to pick up some dog poo. I ALWAYS clean up after my dog and NEVER let it fossilize on the front lawn.
* I did NOT get up at 4:45 am to go work out and then decide to go back to bed. I am a dedicated person, I would NEVER skip two work outs.
* I did NOT laugh my head off at the Easter Egg hunt at church when this happened: Kids were collecting eggs on the playground and some grandma led her grandchild over to the fence separating the playground and parsonage, pull the kid's pants down and let him pee on the Pastor's yard. I did NOT point this out to my husband and suggest he take a picture of it. I did NOT think to myself, "I'm glad that wasn't me." But also thinking, "This would be a great picture for the Facebook Group/Church Website."
* I did NOT discourage my husband from pressure washing the lanai. I am ALL about having Mark help with cleaning, so I would certainly not discourage this just because I didn't want to pick up the toys and face the wreckage that is our lanai.
* My child did NOT get so sandy at the beach that he saw my shorts in the bag and strip down to his cute little nakedness. He did NOT then run around and totally freak out some high school girl. And if one of my children did this, it would NOT be the seven year old!!
* I did NOT turn a major corner on my tendency to judge people. As I was getting my haircut, my stylist did NOT realize that we are simply evaluating other people and evaluating is NOT a sin. So there you go... I do NOT judge, I evaluate! See, I'm making progress... [editor's note: this is awful, I know, and I'm really trying to be more open-minded...]
* I did NOT get called to the principal's office just now and get that panicky feeling. I do NOT react like this EVERY time - even though I'm part of the principal's "cabinet" and meet with her almost daily. I do NOT hate hearing my name over the radio in connection to being called to the office. I do NOT fear that I was caught blogging at work...

Ok, I actually have work to do, so I'll add to this lame list as I think of them! I am NOT looking forward to being back in the classroom next year when all I have to worry about are MY students and not a bunch of teachers and their students!


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today was Easter Egg day!  We dyed eggs and collected them at church... 

This picture has nothing to do with eggs, but Mark made Ryan into an alien.  Hmmm... ideas for a halloween costume??
Ryan enjoyed the chocolate from the Easter Egg hunt.  Thank you Occupational Therapists for teaching him to use his hands...  

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The long run that never happened

I am seriously bummed!  I have 18 days until my marathon and I have not done a run longer than 18 miles.  The last long run was a week and a half ago.  I really want to hit the 20 mile mark but I have a few obstacles.

Last night I was googling long runs and stuff and kept finding information that says you shouldn't do a long run a month before the marathon.  But in my head, I need to do one.  This marathon thing is a head game and in my head, I need to run.  I haven't been exactly burning up the pavement during the week, so...

I prayed really quickly and asked God for wisdom, but not really thinking much more about it.  I went to bed and got ready to get up at 3 am to go run before Mark had to go to work.  I didn't sleep much last night.  Sign from above?  Then after the alarm went off, I got ready and started my run.  I was REALLY slow!  But my new water backpack was leaking. I figured it would stop leaking in a bit.  But by mile 4 when my pants and shirt were SOAKED I realized that it wasn't going to stop and I would chafe and not have any water to drink.  So I came home.  Sign from above?

I am feeling like a failure and I am totally scared about this marathon.  It is all I can think about and stress about.  Should I try and run tomorrow?  The day isn't nearly as "perfect" as today was.  Plus, my dead toenail hurts.  

I know this sounds stupid and like a "pat" answer - but I am going to start praying about this.  I need to get my brain in the right direction and will it take 20 miles to get it there?  I hope God has an obvious answer for this!!

UPDATE: God is good.  As I wrote that last paragraph, I doubted (gee anyone surprised) that God would really give me an answer - and that I would actually hear it loud and clearn.  But my doubt does not stop God from loving me - actually, nothing can stop God from loving me, even though I'm sure I push His buttons!  Anyway, my husband works with someone who ran marathons.  Mark called me and had me speak with Rod.  He assured me that I'm ready and that a long run would only HURT me.  I feel better and since God knows how thick headed I am, He even gave me peace!  Thank you Lord!!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's that time of week - the time to deny the goings-on in the Mikarts household.  This is a blog carnival started by MckMamma at  Please pray for her family - her youngest has been in the PICU for two weeks with heart troubles.  But also, pray for those in the PICU around Stellan, pray that MckMamma has a chance to share God's love with them and the hope that He brings - even in the worst of times.

So I was totally NOT going to avoid this blog carnival today.  Because you know what, I just don't have that much to deny.  But then I flashed back to my latest camping expedition and I hit pay dirt.  However, since my one faithful follower has already read about my camping trip, I can't really use that ammunition... 

I do NOT realize that these pictures have NOTHING to do with my blog entry - they are just cute and I want pictures in my blog.

Today, though, is my first day of Spring Break.  We did NOT spend all of 45 minutes at the beach this morning.  I did NOT get worried and leave early because I am NOT collecting Zach's urine.  I thought for sure Zach would pee at the beach and my first sample would be lost.  I was NOT totally worried that Zach would have a hard time peeing in a bottle.  I thought for sure he would flip out when asked to pee in a bottle - you only pee in the toilet!  I was NOT imagining my blog post, titled "And they say he's not autistic..."  But he did NOT find the humor in peeing in some container.  He does NOT belly laugh every time he goes.

I was NOT totally laughing at my child this morning when we went to the lab to get the pee bottle and he left completely sobbing.  Most kids sob because they were stuck with needles.  Nope, Zach sobbed because he wasn't stuck with a needle.  At least that is what I'm pretending happened because I really have no idea what was going through his head - all I know is he was very upset.
I am NOT looking forward to listing tons of sandals on Ebay this week.  I am NOT going to send my children off with a babysitter so that I can have uninterrupted time to create the listings.  I did NOT buy two pairs of running shoes this week.  (One pair will be returned if they ever arrive...)  You see, I did NOT have a huge blood blister beneath the big toenail and my toenail did NOT look purple.  I did NOT buy a pair of shoes a half size bigger because I figured that was the problem.  I did NOT go running in those shoes today only to get blisters on my heel.  I guess the new shoes will be going up on Ebay.  Anyone need a brand new pair of Brooks Adrenaline size 11.5 wide?  They were super hard to find...

I am NOT freaking out because I only have 19 days until my marathon. I do NOT realize that this is mostly a head game and that does NOT concern me because I am NOT a pessimistic-self-doubter.

Added later today: I was NOT watching Oprah and actually enjoying the topic.  Moms were talking about needing to support each other.  During one segment, moms would tell their "dirty secrets."  I did NOT judge some women because the worst thing she has done was skip pages in a book when reading a story at night.  Ok, that's the worst?  I did NOT think this woman was lying through her teeth and probably has some major skeletons in her closet.  Furthermore, I did NOT identify with the mom that said her kids could go like 3 weeks without a bath.  I would NEVER do that... Because our Monday night babysitter loves to give kids a bath.  Plus, the pool counts, right?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What could be better than weekend camping outings with the family?

For some strange reason I thought it would be fun to go camping over spring break.  After much thought and searching, I settled on Collier-Seminole State Park in Naples.  I convinced a friend of mine, Kim, to go with me and someone else we know said we could borrow his pop up camper.  The plans were set in motion and I could hardly wait.  Rex, the pop-up camper guy, is selling his pop-up for $1500 and I was entertaining the idea of buying it.  What could be better than weekend camping outings with my family?  So I seriously considered buying this pop up and having some good-old-fashioned-family-fun.

Everything was going very well until Thursday night.  Last week was another one of those weeks that was too busy.  So the night before our big trip, I was a stress ball - packing, food gathering, shopping, and laundry.  I wasn't very pleasant to be around, as is always the case before a trip.  Needless to say, it all got done and Mark was quite the trooper.  By now he's learned to let my crabbiness roll off his shoulders and just do what I ask.  

Friday comes and Mark had to fly to Miami with Harvey to get a passport.  He is stuck in Miami because it takes some crazy amount of time to get a passport...  Then its raining...  So Kim and I decide to leave Saturday instead.  Kim is my balancing force - she is all "whatever, dude" about this kind of stuff.

Saturday comes and we make it to the state park without incident.  We pull into the camping part and it was NOT what I expected.  I have very limited experience with camping - but what I have seen, there are sites by themselves  and more or less isolated.  My first reaction was - "Why are we in a refugee camp?"  That's what it looked like.  There were some trees, but it was more like a bunch people on a grass field camping.
Ok, this turns out to be no big deal because the surrounding people are really nice and don't mind my wandering children...  This picture is actually before everyone started arriving!  But I do realize why this was the only state park in southwest Florida with campsites still available for this weekend...

The boys have a pretty good time playing in the pop up and annoying Kim's son, William.  At the end of the day, he's thankful he doesn't have any younger brothers!

The pop up camper was wonderful and proved to be quite entertaining for the boys.  Ryan really liked the doors - but then again, Ryan likes doors period.

Among the fun were the s'mores, scenery, new "friends", and the pop up.  However as with all camping, there is DIRT everywhere.  At first Mark was constantly wiping the kids.  He got over that quickly and just let it be.  We had a great afternoon and evening lounging around and being utterly lazy.  The boys were exhausted and Ryan looked like a zombie.  We plopped them in the shower around 8 and got ready for bed.  They should go right to sleep, right?  Nope.  Finally around 10:50 I loaded them up in the minivan and drove them around for 45 minutes until they were asleep.  This is the second time in my life I have ever had to do that...

Finally, they are asleep and I carefully carry them into the pop up.  Then Zach wakes up, but he settles back down.  But the ordeal is far from over...  You see, we didn't use the bungee cords to secure the sides of the canvas to the bottom of the pop up and so all night long, I had to make sure the kids didn't slip through the sides of the pop up and land on the ground.  Ryan woke up a few more times and I stressed.  I am not upset that he woke up - it was the fact that the rest of the camp probably woke up too.  Ryan wasn't quite and we were all packed like sardines...  

The boys go back to sleep but around 6 am, like a rooster, Ryan is up crowing.  This time Mark drives them around until the rest of the world is up.  The stress over the boys making such noise kinda hung in the air for a few hours.  Fortunatley, Kim promises she was not awakened and upset about it.  In fact, she joked later that she got sleep.  So now I feel better about that...

For breakfast, Ryan had dirt - I mean cereal.  

Now, smart people would have kept the kids at the state park all day, but no, we decided to go home around noon.  Ryan "mewed" until about 30 miles from home where he finally fell asleep.  The rest of the day was full of "mewing" as Ryan was exhausted and took it out on us.  Mark and I are tired too...

So to answer my question, "What's better than a weekend camping outing?"  Just about anything...  I called Rex when we got home and told him the camper was a no-go.  I felt like I was breaking up with him!  Like I had led him on about buying the camper, but I can't picture us using it enough to have it sit in my garage.  Plus, we're a bit scarred!

But, I think we will try this camping gig again - with a tent, in a more isolated camp site, and with sleeping medicine.  (Just kidding about the meds - but very tempting...)  Had we known the kids wouldn't sleep, we would have probably done things a bit differently...  Hind sight right?  And if in the future we find ourselves camp-a-holics, then maybe a camper.  But right now, I'm thinking either tents or one of those luxury RV's... 

Friday, April 3, 2009

The BIG performance!

Venice Elementary put on a program for the parents of "therapy kids". These kids have been working REALLY hard in speech, physical and occupational therapies for the last several MONTHS! Today was the BIG performance. The cafeteria was packed with parents and family members of the kids. If the other families are like mine, we don't get to participate in church performances and other school shows. So this was a big deal to us. I had an absolute blast. Here are just a few highlights. I have video and tons of other pictures - but I won't bore you...
Zach is peeking out through the curtain. At one other point, a the curtain partially opened and there was this kid (not mine, thank you) sitting there picking his nose. I thought that was precious!!
Ryan decided that he wanted to be the director, NOT a participant.

Right before Ryan became the director, he got tired and just quit.

Zach's song included doing sit ups. Apparently, this is a sit up to Zach!

Ryan seranaded his friend, Emma. I didn't catch the cuteness in the picture - so trust me...

This is Ryan's teacher Mrs. Piscotti. She is amazing - Here she is helping both boys do the patriotic march. I'm impressed that someone got the costume on Zach!

Ryan wants an "egg". He's doing a version of the chicken dance and later "lays his egg."

Zach is doing the egg song too. He had more success shaking his egg. He had such a great time.
Thanks for looking at my pictures! It was too cute!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Agape's Plane

God is good! Isn't that something that just rolls off our tongue without really understanding the magnitude of it? I know there are a lot of things we say and believe that are so much bigger than the words - and even the concept!

Yesterday during a routine weekly run from Venice to Hispanola, Agape's King Air had an engine problem. The pilots Jeff and Steve had just taken off from Governor's Harbor and noticed something wasn't right in one of the engines. So he backed down the power and heard a pop. That's when the engine quit. The pilots successfully landed in North Eluethra. I am amazed at how all the training comes together in the "clutch" of situations and these guys briliantly land the plane. God is soooo good! When you think of all the little parts and pieces that had to happen to in order for these guys to have a smooth landing, it is amazing!

What is even more amazing is... one of the missionaries in the Bahamas helped the guys make their cargo delivery to Haiti and the Dominican Republic. So despite a broken engine, God is so good that the run was a success! Praise God.

But... prayers are still needed! Prayers for the engine and the plane. It is stuck in the Bahamas! Prayers for wisdom to figure out how to get it up and running. Prayers that we can borrow a plane until the King Air is fixed. Prayers of peace for the pilots and especially their wives. I am soooo thankful they are ok - but that still has to be a bit nerving, ya know? My first concern after hearing the pilots were ok - was the wives. I texted Mark, "Did anyone call Crystal?" So, please pray for the entire situation - wisdom, thankfulness and a speedy solution!