Friday, April 3, 2009

The BIG performance!

Venice Elementary put on a program for the parents of "therapy kids". These kids have been working REALLY hard in speech, physical and occupational therapies for the last several MONTHS! Today was the BIG performance. The cafeteria was packed with parents and family members of the kids. If the other families are like mine, we don't get to participate in church performances and other school shows. So this was a big deal to us. I had an absolute blast. Here are just a few highlights. I have video and tons of other pictures - but I won't bore you...
Zach is peeking out through the curtain. At one other point, a the curtain partially opened and there was this kid (not mine, thank you) sitting there picking his nose. I thought that was precious!!
Ryan decided that he wanted to be the director, NOT a participant.

Right before Ryan became the director, he got tired and just quit.

Zach's song included doing sit ups. Apparently, this is a sit up to Zach!

Ryan seranaded his friend, Emma. I didn't catch the cuteness in the picture - so trust me...

This is Ryan's teacher Mrs. Piscotti. She is amazing - Here she is helping both boys do the patriotic march. I'm impressed that someone got the costume on Zach!

Ryan wants an "egg". He's doing a version of the chicken dance and later "lays his egg."

Zach is doing the egg song too. He had more success shaking his egg. He had such a great time.
Thanks for looking at my pictures! It was too cute!!

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Prachar family said...

YEAH boys! Looks like they were the hits of the show! What fun!