Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here it is... another Monday and that means it is time to do some denying. MckMamma at started this blog carnival and I'm addicted!

I spent Spring Break at home with the boys and I am proud to say that I did not collect a whole bunch of things to deny! But... here are just a few:
* I am NOT feeling proud because I accomplished the two things I needed to do over break - schedule a doctor's appointment and do Zach's 24 hour urine test. Hmm - I was very productive, huh?
* I do NOT hate my new hair cut because I do NOT look like Carol Brady or Mullett girl. I have this long stuff on my neck - other people say it's cute, but...
* I did NOT put a bunch of Easter Eggs on the front lawn for the boys to collect - only to realize that I first needed to pick up some dog poo. I ALWAYS clean up after my dog and NEVER let it fossilize on the front lawn.
* I did NOT get up at 4:45 am to go work out and then decide to go back to bed. I am a dedicated person, I would NEVER skip two work outs.
* I did NOT laugh my head off at the Easter Egg hunt at church when this happened: Kids were collecting eggs on the playground and some grandma led her grandchild over to the fence separating the playground and parsonage, pull the kid's pants down and let him pee on the Pastor's yard. I did NOT point this out to my husband and suggest he take a picture of it. I did NOT think to myself, "I'm glad that wasn't me." But also thinking, "This would be a great picture for the Facebook Group/Church Website."
* I did NOT discourage my husband from pressure washing the lanai. I am ALL about having Mark help with cleaning, so I would certainly not discourage this just because I didn't want to pick up the toys and face the wreckage that is our lanai.
* My child did NOT get so sandy at the beach that he saw my shorts in the bag and strip down to his cute little nakedness. He did NOT then run around and totally freak out some high school girl. And if one of my children did this, it would NOT be the seven year old!!
* I did NOT turn a major corner on my tendency to judge people. As I was getting my haircut, my stylist did NOT realize that we are simply evaluating other people and evaluating is NOT a sin. So there you go... I do NOT judge, I evaluate! See, I'm making progress... [editor's note: this is awful, I know, and I'm really trying to be more open-minded...]
* I did NOT get called to the principal's office just now and get that panicky feeling. I do NOT react like this EVERY time - even though I'm part of the principal's "cabinet" and meet with her almost daily. I do NOT hate hearing my name over the radio in connection to being called to the office. I do NOT fear that I was caught blogging at work...

Ok, I actually have work to do, so I'll add to this lame list as I think of them! I am NOT looking forward to being back in the classroom next year when all I have to worry about are MY students and not a bunch of teachers and their students!



Domestically Disabled Girl said...

So, where is the picture of this haircut? I want to see it!!!
Poo on the yard? Well, what can you do? Crimeny, I think I smell poo wafting from my son.. catch you later

Prachar family said...

Fossils in the yard?? I almost fell off my chair! Thanks for the usual laughs...I think your hair is cute, very not mullet girl!

Raising Olives said...

I did NOT skip doing a not me Monday post just because I had way too many things to deny this week. I was simply too tired to think of something creative.