Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting My Game On

All right folks, less than 36 hours until my big event...  I am excited, but nervous, but excited.  I am packed and ready to go - so I thought I would watch one of my all time favorite movies - Facing the Giants.  I love the lines in this movie and so I'm putting some here to remind me of a few things - and maybe they will apply to your life too...

David and his dad are talking and David is glad that he didn't play in the game and he says, "I can't mess up" [meaning if he doesn't play and they lose - it's not his fault] 
His dad says, "That's fear, son."   
This speaks to me because I would rather not put myself in the game than risk failure...

In this same conversation, David's dad says, "I've prayed since you were little that God would show how strong He is in your life.  Through you, people would see how good He is."  
David responds, "Then why would he make me so small and weak?" 
 His dad says, "To show how mighty He is."  
This has become my prayer for my boys.  Instead of small and weak, it's handicapped.  I cry everytime I pray this...  So this isn't so much about my marathon as it is just an amazing prayer!

Coach Taylor's old football coach says, "In God's word He says, 'Do not fear' 365 times.  He must mean it!"  I can not fear this marathon.  This is a total God showing His strength through me kind of thing!  I guess a Phil. 4:13 kind of event!

Coach Taylor says, "For the rest of your life, you will remember today.  I want you to remember that you held nothing back, that you did not lose heart, you did not stop fighting, you did not quit!"  Amen

Ok, I'm ready!  One more thought - I wish in Phil. when Paul is talking about running the race to get the prize... I wish that he was not straining for the prize, I wish he were frolicking towards the prize.  It might make the long distance run seem less harrowing.  But then I guess I wouldn't be so darn nervous.  Oh, that's fear, never mind...

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Prachar family said...

Beautiful post Kristin!! Laughing and crying and praying for you all at once! YOU CAN DO IT!! I can't wait to hear how it went! Now get frolicking!