Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's that time of week - the time to deny the goings-on in the Mikarts household.  This is a blog carnival started by MckMamma at  Please pray for her family - her youngest has been in the PICU for two weeks with heart troubles.  But also, pray for those in the PICU around Stellan, pray that MckMamma has a chance to share God's love with them and the hope that He brings - even in the worst of times.

So I was totally NOT going to avoid this blog carnival today.  Because you know what, I just don't have that much to deny.  But then I flashed back to my latest camping expedition and I hit pay dirt.  However, since my one faithful follower has already read about my camping trip, I can't really use that ammunition... 

I do NOT realize that these pictures have NOTHING to do with my blog entry - they are just cute and I want pictures in my blog.

Today, though, is my first day of Spring Break.  We did NOT spend all of 45 minutes at the beach this morning.  I did NOT get worried and leave early because I am NOT collecting Zach's urine.  I thought for sure Zach would pee at the beach and my first sample would be lost.  I was NOT totally worried that Zach would have a hard time peeing in a bottle.  I thought for sure he would flip out when asked to pee in a bottle - you only pee in the toilet!  I was NOT imagining my blog post, titled "And they say he's not autistic..."  But he did NOT find the humor in peeing in some container.  He does NOT belly laugh every time he goes.

I was NOT totally laughing at my child this morning when we went to the lab to get the pee bottle and he left completely sobbing.  Most kids sob because they were stuck with needles.  Nope, Zach sobbed because he wasn't stuck with a needle.  At least that is what I'm pretending happened because I really have no idea what was going through his head - all I know is he was very upset.
I am NOT looking forward to listing tons of sandals on Ebay this week.  I am NOT going to send my children off with a babysitter so that I can have uninterrupted time to create the listings.  I did NOT buy two pairs of running shoes this week.  (One pair will be returned if they ever arrive...)  You see, I did NOT have a huge blood blister beneath the big toenail and my toenail did NOT look purple.  I did NOT buy a pair of shoes a half size bigger because I figured that was the problem.  I did NOT go running in those shoes today only to get blisters on my heel.  I guess the new shoes will be going up on Ebay.  Anyone need a brand new pair of Brooks Adrenaline size 11.5 wide?  They were super hard to find...

I am NOT freaking out because I only have 19 days until my marathon. I do NOT realize that this is mostly a head game and that does NOT concern me because I am NOT a pessimistic-self-doubter.

Added later today: I was NOT watching Oprah and actually enjoying the topic.  Moms were talking about needing to support each other.  During one segment, moms would tell their "dirty secrets."  I did NOT judge some women because the worst thing she has done was skip pages in a book when reading a story at night.  Ok, that's the worst?  I did NOT think this woman was lying through her teeth and probably has some major skeletons in her closet.  Furthermore, I did NOT identify with the mom that said her kids could go like 3 weeks without a bath.  I would NEVER do that... Because our Monday night babysitter loves to give kids a bath.  Plus, the pool counts, right?


Prachar family said...

Oh, the opportunities lost for not me on that camping trip!!! Amazing that you had anything at all besides that! You got anything in size 7 or 7.5?? Are you running again, I mean really running, not in the deep water? I am NOT jealous!
Love that Ryan with the canteloupe rind picture by the way!!!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

The minute i read your comment on my blog, I decided I would love you forever and ever. You are my microwave hero AND? You run! I am training for a marathon too, and admit, the head games can get the best of you sometimes, can't they?
Love the pics, be back soon!