Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Littlest Mikarts is SEVEN!

Ryan is seven!!!  It's hard to believe that this little man has made seven laps around the sun!  Sometimes I wonder where time has gone and other days I wonder if he shouldn't be seventeen (you know on those really looooonnnnngggg days!).

Ryan is a spunky little ball of love and wiggles.  He has brought much joy and yes, much frustration (just being honest folks...) Here are seven random things I love about Ryan!

1. Ryan has this smile that is pure mischief.  He loves life and loves to smile and laugh.  Even though he doesn't talk well, he loves to joke around and have fun.
 2. Ryan is a lover!  He loves to give hugs and he is fantastic snuggler (as long as it is on his terms.)  When you pick him up, he just melts into you and puts his head on your shoulder.  It's 100% sweetness.

 3. He has earned the nickname, Mr. Wiggle-bottom.  He has this little duck walk where he sticks his bottom out and then bounces as he walks.  He also loves to jump -especially when you are trying to help him with his shoes and socks.
 4. Ryan is a charmer.  But don't ever tell him he is cute.  That is his invitation to "destroy" you.  When you give him the cute card, he turns into a terrorist. He knows exactly what buttons to push to get his way.
 5. Ryan is a whiz on the computer.  He loves to play games, listen to music and look at pictures (of himself, of course.  He would love to know that I made a whole blog post about him...)
 6. Ryan is tough.  He takes stitches without flinching (of course, removal of said stitches is much more traumatic). Even though he has a high pain threshold and likes to swat at people, he is compassionate. He doesn't like to see Zach cry and is right there giving hugs and kisses.  I hope he does this with his friends too...
7. Ryan is a helper.  He loves to clean up and he is usually the first to start cleaning up his mess.

I have often wondered if we would have had two kids knowing they would both have the funk. I am happy to report that YES we would!  Ryan is a crazy spunk ball who has richly blessed our family.  I love this crazy kid!!

Happy birthday little man!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


On Facebook, people are posting things they are thankful for and a pretty strange one popped in my mind.

I'm thankful for my kids' disability.

Yes, I'm thankful.

It has been a long, difficult journey to get to this place and I know that I won't be in this "place" forever. I'll backslide into the feelings of self-pity and the "it's not fairs".

But right now I'm thankful.

I'm thankful because there are so many things that I won't have to worry about. I don't have to worry about my kids getting picked on at school. I don't have to worry about them getting involved with the wrong crowd. I don't have to worry about them not being "smart enough" or "pretty enough" or "popular enough".

I'm thankful because they have so much joy. My 10 year old has his emotions right on the surface and he cries. He doesn't hold it in and try to be "manly". He cries and I can fix it - or easily distract him!

I'm thankful because they still like "Sprout" and aren't into TV shows that are "too much!" Dora the Explorer is better than some scantily-dressed girl.

I'm thankful because the bus picks them up at our driveway and there will never be a fight at the bus stop. (Ok, never mind, the boys fight with each other, but that's normal, right?)

I'm thankful because my kids aren't into expensive toys or clothing brands. They don't know the difference between a hand-me down and a designer brand.

I'm thankful because I won't have to pay car insurance for teenage boys!

I'm thankful because what the world sees as disabled, God sees as amazing potential. And I know that God will use my boys to do some mighty big things. In fact, I know He made them this way for a purpose that only they can do, with the gifts He gave them. Just like He made you the way you are and me the way I am...

There are so many more reasons I'm thankful for their disabilities. But just know that I'm blessed! I have met some amazing people, seen some amazing kids, and have been part of a supportive community. I've learned so much from my children and the victories we have achieved have been that much sweeter. This is certainly not the version of parenthood I signed up for, I'm thankful that it is the one I have!