Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Conversations with Zach

Let me start this post with this: I am not complaining that Zach can talk.  I will not tell Zach to stop talking - this speech has cost many people lots of time, effort, angst and most importantly - prayer.  However, I am asking that y'all start praying really hard that Zach gets some variety in his speech.  I thought, however, that it would be pretty entertaining to blog a few conversations...

Z: Where's daddy?
K: He went back to work.
Z: Why?
K: Because he has to let some people into the hanger.
Z: Why?
K: Because they want to use it.
Z:  Why?
I don't respond.
Z: Where's daddy?
K: At work
Z:  Why?
No response from me so the above continues for a few minutes.  Then Zach does a change up...
Z: Is daddy on the bus?
K: No. He's at work.
Z: Why
K: To let people into the hanger.
Z: Why.  He watch Car movie (comes out as Car boobie)
No response from me...  So Zach climbs on the window sill.
Z:  Mamma, mamma
K: What, baby?
Z:  Where's daddy?  
Then he finds something to play with.
Z:  Mamma, mamma
K: Yes honey.
Z:  What's this? (shows the object)
K: It's part of the blinds.
Z: Why?

Another frequent conversation...  This one just happened in the car as I was bribing him to come to the store with me.  I made the mistake of bribing him with M & M's.

Z: I want M&M's (pronounced nm n nms)
K: Ok, we'll get them at Walgreens.
Z: Ryan wants nm n nms
K: Ok, we'll get him some too.
Z: Daddy wants nm n nms
K: No, daddy wants Neco wafers.
Z: Why?
K: Because that's what he asked for.
Z: Why?
I don't answer...
Z: Mamma, mamma [taps on the shoulder]
K: What Zach?
Z: I want nm n nm
K: I know
Then this conversation cycles until I pick up a box of snacks for Ryan's class.
Z:  I want Nemo (he's on the box)
K: It's for Ryan at school.
Z: Why?
K: Because he needs a snack
Z: Why?
This cycles for awhile until we get back onto the nm n nm topic

[I thought this picture was Zach holding up Car's movie.  Nope, it's him holding up a package of underwear...  Same idea though...]

other popular topics that follow the same repetition:
* watching Cars
* Riding the bus
* Santa Claus and Baby Jesus
* Seeing Dana (his teacher)
* Playing baseball (but he actually means basketball)
* Dora, Diego and Nick Jr.
* Playground
* Christmas tree goes right here (and he points with his foot)


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Prachar family said...

I think "why" has made many a momma crazy!! Classic memories in a few months/years!! HOpefully months! I'll tell Paul about the check, thanks so much!