Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's NOT Resolutions

So this year I've decided to make a list of NOT resolutions or NOT to-do's...  I included some pictures - not necessarily because they match the resolution (because they don't match), but because you guys don't care about my words - you just want pictures.  

Here is to 2009...  May it be full of faith, friends, and health!  These are the things I am NOT going to do this year:

I will not let circumstances or people cause me to doubt myself as a beloved child of God, a capable mother of two high-maintenance children, and wife to a loving husband.

I will not forget to let Mark know how much I appreciate him and how he holds his cool in the "clutch" of life - when I need it the most.

I will not forget to play with our dog, Troy.  (This isn't Troy, but this picture reminded me of Troy's "neglect")  

I will not undermine my faith with worry.

I will not forget that life is a precious gift and even when the children are making me pull my hair out, I will remember that I have been trusted with their lives!!

I will not question my ability to run/walk a marathon in April.  I can do it!

I will not forget to celebrate the achievements of my children - how big or small they might be.

I will not worrya bout other people's perception of my children or their lack of understanding about what makes my kids who they are.  God created them with a purpose and not everyone gets that.  I won't let them get in my way or make me cry!

I will not shy away from family pictures.  And I will not put on the 50 pounds I lost.

I will not forget my camera for fun events.  I will not forget to blog with pictures!!

I will not forget to drink from the golden cup.  (How cheesy is that??)

I will not forget to put God first in my life.

I will not let Ryan drink Easter Egg dye.

I will not over-burden Mark with home improvement projects.  Mark, I did not say you won't get any, I just won't over-burden you with them.  

And, I will not let Mark determine what "over-burdened" is.
I will not compare my children to "normal".  This only makes me get upset.  I will not get involved in mompetitions.

I will not bore my husband on our Thursday night date night.

I will not forget to be intentional about spending time with my family and friends.
I will not get too busy to play with my children or help them with learning stuff.  (I'm a teacher, "stuff" is a highly technical term.)

Last of all, I will not let what happened last fall at my children's school continue to upset me.  I will keep taking it to God until I can accept and forgive - without "taking it back" from God.

Hmmm, tall order - some easier than others.  As the kids are screaming, crying and wrestling because I'm blogging, I should add... I will not get too busy on the computer that I ignore my children, then get mad at them for wrestling and whinning.  But I won't add that because I will be breaking the NOT resolution as I type...



Prachar family said...

Wow, an inspiring list. Love the easter egg dye and the pic of you boring Mark! You are always cracking me up!

D said...

Love the pic of Zach and Ryan. They look so happy. Keep up the good work. You guys are the best parents ever! By the way a half marathon is enough for me, but you can go all the way.