Monday, February 15, 2010

Living Cheaply

Ok, with the economy in the toilet and my savings just about in the same location, I have been working really hard on living frugally. I proudly wear the title of cheapskate and love reading about ways to save money.

Mark and I have recently started using cash only again. We eat out maybe 3 times a month. We don't go to Starbucks. I only buy clothing on deep discount. And really the only "splurge" is for Mark to fly his airplane for about $75 a month. So, we live cheaply.

I have a few goals of things I would like to do - places to go on vacation, a multi-engine instructor's certificate for Mark, and some material things. I need to save up for those items.

At this point, I don't have major areas in my budget to cut; it's just nickle and dime saving. So I've been researching different blogs and websites and trying to get ideas. I think the most logical place to save money is in the area of electric bill and weekly cash.

I am so tired of the people that tell me the best way to reach my financial goals is to stop eating out [done], don't buy coffee [done], pay off credit card debt [don't have any], clip coupons and double them [no one around here doubles and I clip], and stop getting manicures [never started].

So I need real, practical ideas. How can I save on grocerys and electricity? Any ideas out there?

Here's what I've started this weekend:
* Grocery Price Book - so I can determine when something really is a bargin
* Meals in the freezer so I don't have to wonder what to make for dinner
* Build meals around what's on sale
* Save left overs

What else is there to do???
Help me!


andrea said...

The best way I've saved on groceries is combining coupons with sales, and stocking up when an item is rock-bottom price. Some things I won't get at all unless they are free/nearly free. If your stores don't double coupons, though, it will be a little harder.

Julie said...

I plan on reading and learning from you. I too have to save money but it's hard when not much coming in. I too clip all I can, eat what's on sale, shut off all appliances, turn off the lights, bake many things at the same time...all those things. So please when you find way to save could you please share. I am following and learning.
Take care and have a great and blessed weekend.