Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Good morning! It's Monday... I don't think MckMamma is doing her blog carnival this week, but I am still going to deny a few things. But before I begin, I want to ask you to pray for MckMamma's family - her son is pretty sick and while literally millions of people are praying for little Stellan, more prayers can only help. Please pray for strength and peace for Stellan's family, wisdom for the doctors, and healing for Stellan. You can go to her blog at and get the details.

I do not feel bad that I'm keeping up with the Not me Monday tradition despite all the difficulties the MckFamily is dealing with. I do not relate on some level. She posted about being tired and I can understand. I do not get tired of all the junk that goes on with my boys. While my boys do not have a life threatening illness, they do have a life-changing syndrome. And I get weary of the doctor's appointments, tests, and most of all - weary of the not-knowing!!

But... on a lighter note... I did NOT cheat at Candy Land. I did NOT draw the double blue card so the game would end!! Zach did NOT previously beat me at a different game three times in a row. I do NOT believe that a kid losing once in awhile is good for him. I figure I've done worse things than cheat to end the game!! I mean I have NOT done worse things!

My boys do NOT have only one pair of shoes each. So if that shoe were missing in the morning, my husband would NOT go on a wild goose chase looking for the shoe. He would NOT frantically call me - only to have me say, "Well, go to Walmart, buy new shoes. He wears size 2." I would most certainly be sympathetic. And... if my kid did only have one pair of shoes, they would be great shoes right? They would NOT have to be duck-taped closed everyday by his teacher. You see, they wanted him to have Velcro shoes. So I buy Velcro shoes. Is it my fault that the only non-geeky looking Velcro shoes don't stay closed?? Do you know how hard it is to find sturdy, Velcro shoes?? My children already wear "goober hats" at school - I refuse to have their shoes be geeky too!! I am NOT ranting... Wow, who knew I would be so unpassionate about shoes?

As the perfect mother, I would NEVER forget to brush my kids teeth. Therefore, I would NEVER dread taking them to the dentist! I would NOT almost laugh out loud when the dentist told me that I should floss Ryan's teeth twice a week. She did NOT go on about how he already has challenges and we want him to always enjoy good food. Yep, that was her rationale as to why we should floss his teeth - to enjoy good food. Who cares about oral health - we want the kid to eat steak - and enjoy it. I do NOT feel guilty about the lack of attention to oral hygiene...

And finally, I am a teacher, so I am always well behaved at professional development seminars and stuff. I would NEVER play with my new Treo during a meeting. I would NEVER be looking at Twitter as I was walking to lunch - and the presenter is walking next to me... I would NOT sit down next to her at lunch and keep reading Twitter. And then, I would NEVER pretend that what I was looking at was actually super important!! Please, I do NOT love technological toys. I am a responsible adult... NOT.

Have a great week - and keep track of your "not me's" I would love to hear about them! Please pray for the MckFamily and Stellan!!

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Prachar family said...

I think I will play along too. I have just had too many not me moments not to! Glad to hear you are always professional and such a sympathetic wife! I never have those moments either!