Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guess What? Not Me Monday!

Once again, it's Monday (or at least Monday somewhere...) and I am here to play MckMamma's blog carnival... Not Me Monday! This is a chance to have free therapy and deny what happened over the week. When you are done reading my brief list, head over there and check it out!!

I did not slice my finger with a knife while cutting a melon (I can't spell the type of melon)... Because I know how to use a knife. I did not wait 4 hours before I decided that I did indeed need stitches. I did not have Kate text a picture of my sliced thumb to Travis to see if she thought it would need stitches. While Kate was on the phone with Travis, I did not decide to go to the ER. I did not look forward to a few hours with Kate, because she graciously offered to go with me. I did not turn into an enjoyable afternoon because I had a friend with me - how twisted is that?? We did not take pictures for the blog - but I they are still on Kate's camera...

As a result of my thumb trauma, I am not wearing a stupid, huge bandage on my thumb. At least hitch-hiking will be effortless with the huge, white gauze "sock". I also did not have my husband hook my bra because I can't use the left thumb very well. And I did not just blog that...

I did not go to the Charlotte County Air Show, but park along the side of the road. There were not cool airplanes flying around, and Ryan was not the most excited about playing in the front seat of the car. I guess having a dad as a pilot makes airplanes unexciting.

I am still not wavering with my determination/excitement about running the marathon. I did not endure a long run on Saturday, only to find out that Meg thought she told me to bring some Advil for the middle of the run. I guess it helps with the soreness. I do not think this is cheating, but going to do it anyway... But on Saturday, after the long run, I did not use Icy-Hot as lotion!

This is a pretty lame list, but in my life, lame is good! Quiet is good. Drama free is good.

Here's hoping you had some laughs and good denials this week. I would love to read them - so let me know!

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Prachar family said...

Okay, how sad is it that a trip to the ER for YOU for some stitches is classified as LAME!!! I am cracking up! No sharpie incidents this week??? I was looking forward to the next mural! Did Ryan get a new goober hat?? I wish we had known about the airshow! It looks like it was great! Thanks for the free entertainment, as usual!