Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blue Ribbon Day

Today was the first Special Olympics competition for Zach! This winter, he learned basketball skills. These last few weeks, Zach has been running track. Today we had the county games at PineView. I was a bit nervous about the games because Zach hasn't exactly gotten the "gist" of the 50 m run or the softball throw. I was also a little nervous about setting him "free" at a competition. I was worried he wouldn't follow directions and drive everyone nuts. I was such a freak about this, that I almost backed out! I know, I know, silly...
But as you can see, Zach participated and won two blue ribbons for his third place finishes. (I won't mention that everyone got Blue Ribbons or that he was in a field of three...) But that doesn't matter - what matters is that Zach did it! He got the hang of what he was supposed to do and he had a blast!

He got his best time in the 50 m dash - he actually ran without stopping to look around! (I was thankful that he had a buddy running next to him because I was imagining Zach not knowing what to do and everyone getting mad... I know, I'm a freak.) For the softball throw, it did not matter that he used both hands (in practice he was supposed to use only one hand - and he kept using two - and this really stressed me out. But getting stressed about the wrong softball throw technique is not a topic for this blog. I know, I know, I stress about the wrong things.)
The fact that Zach did his best and we had a blast was actually not the highlight of the morning. There were so many student volunteers who were so loving and patient with my children. This was so tear-provoking. I take these boys places and we get mixed reactions - some people are overly nice, some people stare at them like they are freaks, and others just ignore. These kids were just perfect - they loved, they played, they guided, they encouraged, and they made Mark tear up. These kids didn't judge or "feel sorry" for my boys; they just had fun! I work with kids and I know that there are far more "good" kids out there than we realize, but these kids exceeded my expectations. I can't explain it, other than to say that they blessed my beyond belief.

Pictured below are Jake and Laura Beth who took care of my boys. When Jake gave Zach a hug and said, "You did fantastic!" Mark teared up (but don't tell anyone I told you that!!)

Zach wasn't in the soccer competition, but he actually has some skills! Maybe next year he can be on the soccer team.

The day started with an opening ceremony and the kids walked in to the Rocky theme song. Zach loved sitting by the big kids and his coach. I was so proud of Zach-man.

I can't wait until Zach is old enough to participate in the area and state games. We "snuck" into the county games because it is just local kids. Tonight is Challenger Baseball - another crazy sports thing. I'll blog that next week!

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Prachar family said...

YEAH Zach man!! I love that you are a freak and can admit it!!