Friday, October 31, 2008

Lessons Learned

My family has just finished a roller-coaster ride of a week and a half. I have cried more tears and felt more anger than I have in a long, long time. (Maybe not the tears, but definitely the anger.) I'm not going to go into detail about what has happened to us - and many of you know - but what I've learned these last 10 days are pretty huge life lessons.

* Listen to the voice of truth! God is the voice of truth and the rest of the world will try to undermine and undercut what God is saying. I have listened to so much "advice" these last few days, and the voice of truth kept repeating in my mind and despite what other people said, I knew what I needed to do.
* Revenge belongs to the Lord. This is what I want other people to know. Mark learned this lesson last year when he had difficulty with an old job. When someone hurts me or my family, I can not retaliate. I have to trust God that make things right. This is a tough one, but forgiveness is soooo important!
* I learned why the Bible says to forgive seventy times seven. I think that is how many times I am going to have to forgive a particular person before it actually sticks in my heart!
* Often times the enemy is myself. I think this goes back to the first one... Ryan's therapist wasn't my enemy, my interalizing of the situation was. The negative self-talk is my enemy. God takes care of the enemy - and in this case, the voice of truth was louder than the voice of the enemy.
* Nobody will ever understand what it is like to raise special needs kids unless they have personal experience. Walk a mile in my shoes... Sometimes it's easier, but often times it is much, much harder!
* Everyone wants to help the underdog but sometimes you are up against a brick wall. I want the "system" to change, but it might not. And that really sucks for parents of special needs kids.
* Mark and I have a huge network of people who love us, believe in us, and support us.
* I am going to have to be much more paranoid about my children. I can't be so trusting and I have to learn to live with the fact that the rules are different for us. Even if I don't know the rules!
* Starting over is harder than starting from the beginning.
* I am not alone - much of what I'm facing, others have gone through this before.
* Raising kids and trying to make the best decisions for them is really, really hard!
* Know who your friends are (or who is on your "side") and when you are right - they will stick by yourside like glue.
* Not reacting, but thinking through things is really, really tough!
* God is so faithful and good!!!
* I need to be more tenacious!

Now I have to figure out where to go from here with all of this and pray that God gives me my next steps.


Prachar family said...

Praying the voice of truth will continue to be strong and loud in your ears. Praise God for His perfect faithfulness! Please let me know if I can do anything!

Krys said...

I love you!!