Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday

Here I am again, doing the game originated by McMamma. I am not going to bare my soul in today's blog...

* I am not so horrible and uncompassionate that my husband drove himself to the doctor at 4:30 this morning because he was passing kidney stones. I truly offered to take him - but being the nice guy, he wanted the kids to sleep a little longer. They don't normally wake up between 5 and 6 am anyway... And I did not secretly be frustrated with the situation because I was supposed to run 8 miles with Meg this morning. Although, I was not secretly glad I could put the 8 miles off until Friday. And I was not a little (secretly) upset when Mark was going to stay home today and ruin my relaxing morning.

* I am not skipping work today. I am not excited about the genetics appointment my kids have today. I did not decide to take the whole day, send the kids to school and think about organizing closests. And I am not annoyed with a huge project on my work-plate that I would avoid it for another day. I mean, I always bite the bullet and get this stuff done.

* I am not hoping that our geneticist orders some tests to determine if there are any x-linked syndromes lurking in our genes. I am not nervous that Dr. Loscalzo will tell me to have my pediatrician order the tests only to have the pediatrician tell me the geneticist should. This did not happen the last time. I am not nervous that these tests can only be done in Miami. I do not have an aversion of going to Miami for medical stuff. I have not had 2 fiascos there already.

* I am not putting off cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, and other cleaning to blog. I love doing that stuff and the computer takes up way too much time. I should just get rid of it.

* I am not neurotic enough about saving money that I'm making a list of how much our grocery staples cost so I can compare the prices at Walmart with the sale ciruclars. That would take way too much time. Besides, who needs to save money?

* After $180 I am not still battling ticks! I did not remove one from my sock today.

* I am not showing off my cute kids in the pictures below. By the way, that is not another boo-boo on Ryan's head. And he did not nearly knock his teeth out on Sunday. And I was not complaining that my life is unexciting and I did not heed Travis's warning!

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