Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7 things

Travis tagged me...

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I do have a problem, though. I don't know 7 people with blogs that I think would play along. But I will do my best!!

1. I am an aspiring neatfreak and a wanna be organized person. I have these really cool baskets for all the toys and stuff and every know and again I sort the baskets and get the toys organized. I prefer my house clean, but it isn't often meeting my standards. My hardest part is the kitchen floor. I will mop and then 3 minutes later, it's a mess. I spent last spring scrubbing my grout - and it's dirty again. I even sealed it! My bedroom closet is a mess and I need to organize that next. I've been doing one closet a weekend. Guess what I'll be doing on Saturday? Wrong... I'm going to be in South Carolina visiting a friend. Oh and I don't think it helps that the love of my life is not-a-neat-freak. He isn't a slob, but he would rather leave something that fell on the floor rather than pick it up... But to be fair, in knew this when we were dating. He had a dresser and two twin beds in his room. The dresser was more or less empty. The non-sleeping bed held his clean clothes - just piled on the bed. I don't know where the dirty ones were - I didn't ask!!

2. I sometimes get really bored at work, even though I have a ton of projects to do and there are always teachers I can work with. I just sometimes enjoy the peace and quiet that happens in my office. And I'm a huge procrastinator - why do today what I can put off until tomorrow? In fact, right now I'm in a meeting and we are talking about blogs. Guess what I'm doing.

3. I sometimes forget to have my son do his homework. Gasp - and I'm a teacher!! Along the same vein - I'm a reading coordinator (literacy coach is the technical title) and I haven't the foggiest idea how to get my oldest to learn to read.

4. I totally fell in love with my husband again on Wednesday. I always loved him - but he was exactly what I needed and he surprised me by having the right words in a really tough situation. I am confident God put the words in his mouth - and that is cool too!

5. I am way too honest and open. Surprise, surprise as I bare my soul for the whole world to see. I admit when I'm a slacker and maybe I shouldn't. I am usually the first to tell the world of my guffaws.

6. I am a pessimist. When it comes to me, the glass isn't even half empty. It's empty. This is something I'm totally working on and have made great gains -especially in light of the horrific week I've had. I have made huge leaps and bounds in this area, so my glass is filling up!

7. I hate Halloween. My hatred is not because of witches, ghosts and things from the dark side. Nope, it's the pressure to have a costume. My mom used to sew these beautiful and complicated costumes - Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny, a shark, etc. I never had the costumes with the plastic "outfit" and mask. So I don't want to dress my kids in the generic costumes from Target or Walmart. But I can't sew and I'm too cheap to buy the nice ones. So I feel this tremendous pressure to make my kids look cute. Plus, Zach HATES costumes. Last year, the boys went as roads. I took dark blue t-shirts, glued two yellow ribbons down the front and glued cars on it. I figured Zach wouldn't mind. He screamed!!! I guess cars aren't supposed to be glued to your shirt. So this year, what am I going to do for Halloween?? Too much pressure!!

I am tagging, Kate, Amanda, Mark and Crystal.

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Prachar family said...

I love it! I also love the boy's costumes! Those are my favorite type of costume...they require brain power to come up with and are pure genious!! Riley was Mr. Smarty Pants last year. We taped Smarties candies to his jeans! His idea, no sewing, and only the cost of the candy...which got eaten pretty quickly! He wants to do it again this year...I may have to steal the road idea...