Monday, October 13, 2008

Not me Monday - week 3

So here I am mentioning some "Not me" things on a Monday... The idea came from my friend Travis and the link mentioned on the left. I have to say, this is great fun - and free therapy. There is something refreshing about admitting my slacker-habits in a denial type format... So here goes my list:

* I am not battling ticks at my home! I am not neurotically vacuuming my home three times a day. And I do not consider the cinnamon-smelling organic tick spray to be room deordorizer. I would never spray it on my carpet just to have the room smell less like dogs and boys.

* I am not obsessed with the Goodwill in Englewood that sells things by the pound. I would never go through the shoe bins and resell Mephisto sandals I bought for $0.99 on eBay and get $92 for them. I am not that cheap! I would also never sort through my children's Lego collection and keep the generic Megablocks and sell the Legos. I am not that addicted to eBay. I guess I must not have much going on in my life that I have time for that. Along the same line as the ticks and sorting toys, I would not look forward to a Saturday morning of organizing closets and toys. I am not that big of a geek. Also, I would never buy my children's birthday gifts at Goodwill for a dollar...

* I did not get on the scale 4 times to make sure the pounds it said was true. I was not excited about being down another 5 pounds. That does not make me want to run faster and farther in the mornings.

* I would never put Dora on TV so I could blog! No way... And I am not sitting here wishing that I had a more exciting life so I would have more posts.

I honestly can't think of anything else exciting in my life! So this lame list will just have to do! I am not suffering from a writer's block. Not me...

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Prachar family said...

Wow, good work at Good will!! I am sorry to hear about the ticks. We have been through that experience and it was not fun! They chose to bite me, so I had extra incentive to KILL them!
Love your list! Be careful what you wish for as far as excitement...that usually involves the ER with boys!