Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Ellingsworth

Jennifer and Donnie got married today! Jennifer is part of the Agape family and we were able to share in her ceremony today. I have been to many weddings and some are my favorite and some were nice... Jennifers was one of my favorites! It was low-key, but gorgeous! She got married on the beach and she didn't fuss with a tent, chairs or tons of flowers. She had God's creation as her backdrop! What could be better than that? The weather was perfect - mid 80's and a great breeze. Jennifer looked beautiful, Donnie was handsome, and their son is adorable - as always. Do you want to know my favorite part? She was barefoot! How fantastic is that?? I wish I were barefoot at my wedding! If Mark and I ever renew our vows, I want it to be just like their wedding!! Afterwards, we all went to the Gardner's house for the reception. As always, Stephanie did a beautiful job and was a fantastic hostess!

While Donnie and Jennifer were busy getting married, the boys filled this Tupperware with shells and sand. Before the ceremony, the wanted to wrestle - so I think shells in a bucket is much better. BTW, that is NOT sand my child is eating, it was the pretzel he found in the sand. Oh - we brought the pretzels too - it wasn't just some random treasure he found. (This might somehow show up on my Not Me Monday...)

Mark and I before the wedding. My hair is really much cuter than this picture. It was windy - and I really have eyes - not just some comic-strip slits!! Mark looks like that all the time - minus the Terminator sunglasses...

Opening day at the ballpark. The boys started Challenger Baseball today. This is Ryan's first season and he is happy to be out in the field running around this time. I asked Zach to help his brother, and he did - for about 2 minutes. Each child gets a buddy to help them play. But honestly, it is a chance for kids to run around inside a fence and the parents sit around and chat. What could be better? I also love how they have 5 or 6 balls on the field, so after someone bats, all the kids find a ball and think it's THE ONE! It really is classic... Be watching for more pictures.

On tonight's agenda is the drum circle on Nokomis beach. Apparently, this is amazing and fun! We will catch the sunset and dance to drum music! Hopefully the boys will love it...

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Prachar family said...

Thanks for the pictures of the wedding!! I am leaving Texas in a few hours, but it was so fun to see what was going on at home while I was gone!! The wedding looked beautiful (and so did your always!!) I can't wait to hear more!