Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conclusion(?) of mompetition

I haven't put any pictures up lately, so I will add those before I share my latest scoop.

Ryan is running to first base at Challenger Baseball this morning.

I don't want you to worry... I have not been upset and over the edge that I'm not doing enough for my kids. I carried this whole guilt around with me for a little while. Wednesday morning, I told the story to my office-mate who is a speech language pathologist and a friend. (I call her Momma Boone because she and I have been on several mission trips together and she always manages to take care of us - like the mom in the group.) Anyway, Momma Boone reminded me that as a parent, less is sometimes more. We tend to over program and over schedule our kids - with the greatest intentions - but kids need down time. She pretty sternly (but with love) told me to knock-off the guilt and get over it. Then a little while later, my old PT sent me an email comiserating with me and telling me the story of another mom who is annoyed with other therapy moms (as opposed to soccer-moms or hockey-moms...). The mom Gretta the PT was talking about has a 2 year old with very low tone and isn't sitting yet. While waiting for PT, some other lady bragged (well, probably mentioned) that she is so tired now that her child is walking all over the place. This made the other mom end up in tears! So I immediately wanted to go hug her - although I don't know her... Then the 3rd thing that made me feel better was Open House on Thursday night. Zach's therapists and teacher were talking about how far he's come and described something he did. His OT said she just welled up with tears and wanted to cry! Ok, so I'm back to my less-psycho self.
But I did come up with an award for these "perfect" moms. I will never do this, because it's not Christ-like. But for the sake of bearing my soul (because isn't that what blogs are for?), I will share my idea and then let it go. Remember in Caddy Shack when they put the Baby Ruth candybars in the pool and they looked like turds? Well I was thinking I could carry around snacksize Baby Ruth bars and give them out as "prizes" for being such the perfect mom! In my mind, they would symbolize poop, but to the moms, I'm just giving them chocolate. Don't worry, I won't do this, but the thought crossed my mind - often enough to repeat it!

You know what, I just wondered this... a soccer mom usually has an SUV or fancy mini-van. What does a therapy mom drive? Do we get little window stickers with a silhouette of our kid doing therapy? Just wondering...

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