Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not me Monday!

I don't think I explained Not Me Monday very well... And I probably won't do any better of a job this week, but the tag line is, "Being brutally honest and living to tell about it..." You know why I like this so much? Because none of us are perfect and we do ourselves as Moms, women, and Christians a disservice by pretending we have it all together. I love hanging out with the people who are just as crazy as me - and don't pretend they have it all together! So part of my platform as a mom and a friend is to admit that I'm a slacker. To admit that I'm not the best mom in the world and I don't even come in as a competitor for that title. I'm ok with that because with God as my rock, I am doing the best I can and He reminds, guides me and helps me with the areas where I can do better! And as a mom of 2 special needs kids, I am especially sensitive to this and I used to get so competitive, but when your kid doesn't walk until he's 3, you don't win. When your kid still poops his pants at age 7, you don't win. So here's to all of us who screw up and can laugh about it!

Anyway, here is my week in summary:

* I would never let my children eat food that fell in the sand! I would never ignore the fact that my children are coated in sand and have an extra bit of grit when they put their teeth together. My children only eat sandwiches. [If I did, you would see a picture of it on Saturday's blog...]

* I would never stay out until 1 am scrapbooking! I must be responsible and go to bed at a reasonable time. But then again, I would never get that far behind in my scrapbook that I would have to stay up that late!

* I would not come home from a reception and immediately put the kids down for a nap so I could be the first person to blog about Jen and Donnie's wedding. What is this a competition?

* I would never laugh at my children's expense. I would never let my 7 year old dance in the middle of the drum circle at Nokomis Beach. And I would never let a hippie-jester looking dude come near my child. And my child would never bolt when some hippie-santa-looking guy came near him. Mark and I would never laugh at our child when he bolted. Even if the guy looked like this:

* I would never let my children dance with a belly dancer!
* I do not let my kids roll around in the sand at the beach and then put them to bed all sandy.

* I would never prepare for a huge presentation the day before, only to find out that most of my video links don't work. Then later beg a video from a co-worker because I knew he had it!! I also would never space out when they made an annoucement about the new location for said presentation. I would not almost show up at the wrong place!

* I did not hurry home from work so I could post my not-me's before the kids got off the bus. And I did not pray the bus would be late so I could down load the pictures before they grab the camera.
* I did not hurry my family from visiting Mark's new "toy" at the hanger so I could do laundry. I just love laundry... Mark did not get really excited about the fact that he will be flying Agape's new King Air this week. Because, you know, Mark does not like airplanes! Speaking of airplanes, I did not pick a bunch of books for middle school boys to read that all had to do with airplanes - because I do not have any background information about airplanes.

* I do not take pictures of my friends when they are being silly and have their hair wet. Nor would I spend an afternoon unloading pumpkins from a truck.

* I do not enjoy God's beautiful creation - like this sunset. I am all work and no play.

* I do not carry my camera with me all the time so that I could start adding pictures to my blogs! I also did not spend precious time looking at blogs when I should be preparing for above mentioned presentation tomorrow.

* And finally, I do not love reading other people's Not Me Monday posts - especially yours Travis!!

* P.S. I did NOT just find a tick crawling across my computer! I will pretend that I never heard my vet's advice about ticks, "There are 2 ways to get rid of ticks: many visits by the exterminator or burn your house down. But if you burn your house down, they will just come back later."
*P.s.s. My first reaction to my husband telling me he has cases of spray lubricant at work for sale was NOT - or are you selling it on ebay? I do not have an ebay-selling addiction!

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