Sunday, November 2, 2008

In case you were worried... we survived Halloween

I think I'm the biggest slacker parent in the world. We survived Halloween because we didn't participate. Maybe that's not true - but we were minimalists. Ryan had a party at school and I sent in little tiny pumpkins and sugar cookies. He dressed as a cow - thanks to Cindy T. [As a side note, everyone needs friends like her! She saves my bacon daily...] He wasn't too happy about the head piece, but he kept it on for the school parade. I didn't go to the parade, but I heard some of the costumes were phenomenal. I know Ryan's was, but only because I borrowed it! One kid was a tomato - and the rest of his family completed the bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich. Ok, that's just too much for me... Ryan's girl friend, Emma, went as Nurse Mary (the school nurse).

Zach must have had a party too because he came home loaded with candy and trinkets. The bus driver and aide took his candy away because they noticed too late that he had been sitting there quietly eating chocolate and sugar. He was HYPER when he got home. I have never seen him on a sugar high - but boy was he running around the house.

That was it for the Halloween celebrations! I did dress Ryan up in his costume so I could get pictures. Zach wore the cow several years ago and so I thought it would be cute to have comprable pictures of Ryan. Later in the evening, we handed out candy and had a whooping 2 sets of trick-or-treaters!

On Saturday, the boys went to Buddy Break and continued the Halloween theme. Zach got a tatoo of a firetruck. I just put it on his arm and he is freaking out! I guess "stickers" aren't meant to be permanent. And "they" say he isn't autistic... I will spare you the pictures of Zach freaking out - it looks very similar to the halloween pictures from last year, just a different cause.

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Prachar family said...

Cute costume and boy! I love him mooing in the driveway!! You were not as lame as I was since my kids didn't dress up at all! I had a plan, but we decided not to bother!