Monday, November 3, 2008

Not me Monday!

I'm back to this game started by McMamma (you can click on the icon on the side and go to her blog and see the rules. Her blog is pretty impressive, so no blog-etition!!) Krystal W., if you read this, you need to join in on the fun! I have a had a happening 2 weeks, but I don't know that it will translate into not me's though. Here I go...

* I did not deny my children all of the halloween fun by not going trick or treating or even taking them to a church festival. I did not use the excuse that I didn't want my house egged by neighborhood children if I wasn't home to give out candy.

* I did not suggest that my high school babysitter drop out of high school so she could be our nanny. She loves the morning routine with the boys, so why would I suggest such a terrible thing - especially since I'm an educator.

* I did not cancel my Monday night date because I wanted to save babysitter fees. I would never use the excuse that since she wasn't feeling well, we should ditch the date this week. It's not like we didn't go out on Saturday night.

* I did not rejoice that the Haitians were not at Goodwill taking all the "good shoes". I mean, they send them to their families or sell the shoes to supply ships to bring to Haiti. It would be so selfish of me to want to resell the designer shoes on eBay.

* I did not secretly get excited when I found out the boys' bus is running 10 minutes late this afternoon. I do not need that extra time to blog. I am not that addicted to this silly game.

* I am not addicted to fried eggs (is that what they're called when you crack the egg in the skillet and then just let it cook so the white is cooked but the yellow is a bit runny?). I do not want to feed that to my family for dinner tonight...

I would love to hear what you guys have not done this week...

Oh - check out this link about one of my closest friends, Missy.

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Prachar family said...

We call those sunny side up if you don't turn them over and cook the other side, or over easy if you do. We love our eggs that way too! I would love a nanny...what's her name???