Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not me, Tuesday?

I did not forget to do a Not Me Monday - as started by McMamma and her amazing blog. You can see the link on the left and see for yourselves...

Since it is not Tuesday, I am not a slacker. I did not have our amazing babysitter get the kids off the bus on Monday so I could stay for a meeting at work. I did not then go to Goodwill Bargin Barn to find things I would not sell on eBay. I did not meet up with my good friend there. I did not try to out do her on the shoes to resell (because I would never buy shoes to resell). I did not try to convince her that a skirt is not her style simply because I wanted it. I did not scheme up my next little project. I am not going to buy designer clothes at Goodwill and then take them to a consignment shop. I did not get that idea from my friend I saw.

I was not worn out after two hours with my own children on Monday night. My children are not heathens that run around like crazy. They do not spill juice on the floor. Ryan does not cry and whine for hours on end (ok, ok, it only feels like hours). I was not totally glad that Mark came home. I did not check out and go to bed at some ridiculous hour. I did not tell my husband that I was too worn out to chat. I do not act like a freak-a-zoid when my kitchen floor is messy. I do not use that as a barometer of my life.

I did not jump for joy when my brother suggested a present we could go in together for my dad for Christmas. My dad is not the hardest guy in the world to shop for. I am not thankful that Carla (my brother's wife) sent me some easy things I could do for her kids' Christmas. I don't like using ideas for shopping. (Wow my fingers are hurting from all this finger crossing as I tell my not-me's)

I am not on lunch break at work doing my blog! Finally, I am not excited about not having school Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I am not thankful for Thanksgiving. I am not wishing that my kids had school on Wednesday...

Well, I better get productive... I would love to hear what you are not doing!

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Prachar family said...

Love it...slacker!! I almost forgot this week too! Christmas shopping has me sick to my stomach, it really sneaks up on ya here! Its not cold enough to start thinking about that yet! I know EXACTLY what you mean about the kitchen floor barometer. I am wired that way too! ENJOY your days off! Our kids are off school all week!