Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday baby Ryan! (and Not me...)

I am going to start with my Not Me Monday's - see for the entire rules and the chance to read a whole bunch of imperfect people report on their week! I don't have very many Not me's to tell you...

First of all, I would never give my children hand me down toys for his birthday presents. I would never not give a birthday part for him. It doesn't matter that it's always the same kids having to buy presents. Besides, why would Ryan want new presents anyway?? Furthermore, I would never go out on a date with my husband on my child's birthday.

I am never seriously considering running a marathon in April. But if I were considering it, I would look into the Country Music Marathon in Nashville. Who in their right mind runs 26 miles in one day? Not me. And if I were to run a marathon, I wouldn't start another blog to keep track of my training. And it would certainly not be called

So now onto my mostly sweet baby Ryan. He is FOUR YEARS OLD TODAY! Can you believe it? My baby is 4. I will admit that on somedays, I think, you're only 4? Surely you are older than that...

For those of you who don't know my Ryan, I thought I would tell you the things I love about him.
1. He has a devilish smile that just lights up his whole face. His smile makes his eyes squinty and his cheeks all squeezable.
2. He has the best belly laugh. He loves to lay on the floor and just laugh. Especially when it is bed time and he thinks if he doesn't go to his room, he won't have to go to bed. He just lays on the floor and laughs as you bend over to pick him up.
3. He is mischevious. He especially loves to get his brother in trouble. He has figured out what to do to get Zach in trouble. Ryan also loves to climb the furniture and take his shoes off in the car, hand them to Zach and have Zach throw them to the front seat.
4. When Ryan is supposed to be napping, he likes to sneak in his brother's room and play toys. Ryan also wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to get his brother up!
5. Ryan loves to play kitchen, trucks, and Rescue Heroes. Ryan has taught Zach how to play. Ryan also loves the playground and hanging out in openings. He scares me to death - and then just belly laughs.
6. Ryan is a charmer. I can't tell you how many girls he has wrapped around his finger. At his school, I hear aides, therapists, and older kids talk about how much they adore him.
7. When Ryan is excited, he walks really fast and pumps his arms in the air. It is sooo cute!!
8. Ryan is a snuggler when he just wakes up or is really tired. He melts into your body and rests his cheek on your shoulder.
9. If Ryan could have any toy possible, it would be a pantry full of cans and boxes to rearrange, a refrigerator to do the same, and a door to open and shut. At school, he likes to stack chairs and rearrange furniture.
10. Ryan has a girlfriend, Emma. She is in his class and is in a wheelchair. Ryan can not leave without saying good bye to Emma. He also likes to sit by her and get her books and toys. This weekend in the car, he was crying for Emma! She is the cutest thing - and she looks like a cherub. She has blonde curly hair and a round face.
11. Ryan loves to be helpful and take part in the sorting of laundry and putting things away.

I'll get some pictures of my peanut later. So come back to this post if there aren't enough pictures.

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Prachar family said...

Go girl with you marathon!! I'll be tracking your progress...instead of hindering it!

Your Ryan has the cutest face and most squeezable cheeks! I love them! Happy birthday buddy!