Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Zach started basketball last night. Thankfully, it is with Special Olympics... Zach was adorable! As soon as we showed up in the gym, he started jumping, clapping and hooting-n-hollering. Most of the other people there were older and Zach was by far, the youngest. I saw a friend from work and we both just looked at each other in shock - not many kids!!

As the practice started, they quickly separated the kids by skills and ability. Zach went in the beginner's group and was just having a blast. Clueless, but having a good time. He ended up with a one-on-one "tutor" who is teaching him how to throw and catch a basketball. I guess Mark and I should have been on that more - but if you ever tried to play catch with Zach, you'll understand...

The beauty of the evening was, Zach was adored had plenty of attention, and is learning how to play basketball. It's a safe environment and the coaches aren't expecting the next NBA all-stars. I wanted to jump in and rescue the coach - not so much my kid, just the coach. (How awful is that??) All in all though, I'm glad we are getting involved. I met some great parents and I know this is the start of some wonderful things to come!

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