Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Party Pictures

I wimped out and didn't throw a party for Ryan's birthday. In fact, I've mentioned before how cheap I was and didn't buy him any presents. If you look at these pictures, I think you will come to the same conclusion I do... Ryan doesn't mind! He had a blast with the hand me down toys and the ones from Grandma. I have to take advantage of this while I can!

After he opened the first present, he wanted to play and not bother with the others. Eventually, Zach opened Ryan's third present. Andria, our babysitter stuck around for cake and presents. You will notice how clean the house is - that's because Andria blessed me by picking up after us. I love that girl!!

Mark made the cake and Ryan really enjoyed it. He didn't exactly know what to do with the flames in his face. Zach was, of course, eager to help. The rest of the evening, Zach walked around singing Happy Birthday. He kept telling us Ryan was 5.

Just so Zach doesn't feel left out, here is the Zach story du jour... After care, he gets there pretty early. So it has become his routine to set out the coloring pages for the kindergartners, get them crayons, and then pull up his brother's chair. Zach only goes to aftercare a few times a month, but getting ready for the kindergartners has become his thing. He feels it is important for the little kids to have their papers ready before they arrive.


Prachar family said...

Looks like a good time. What a cutie! Love the Zach story too!

Momrad Alison said...

Hi sweetie,

Bravo on the re-gifting. It's all good. It's new to them it's new enough. That helmet is too much. I have the overwhelming urge to paint hot-rod style flames on the sides.