Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Hi there, it's that theraputic time again. It rolls around once a week - you know, Not Me! Monday. This is a fun game started by MckMamma. Check out the link to her blog on the left. This is great fun!!

Here it goes... I would never force my child to be on a float in the Christmas parade just because I wanted to! But if I did, I knew it would be for his best interest and that we would have fun. I would also never find relief in the fact that a 13 year old boy is also deathly afraid of things in costume. I would never encourage my child to pee in his Pull-Up because the line to the port-o-potties is too long and the float is about to leave.

I would never buy a huge bag of popcorn at the movies in hopes that it would keep my child in his seat. I would never fear the moment he ran out of popcorn. But if I did, I would take him to see Madagascar II. I would never wish I was a hippo so that being "big and chunky" was attractive and the way to be.

I would never have to start planning my runs around the nearest bathrooms. Krystal and Meg know what I mean and are sworn to secrecy. Wait, I would never have to swear my friends to secrecy.

I would never hope and pray that my child would be labeled autistic. I would not be disappointed when our neurologist tells us that he isn't comfortable making that diagnosis and that we should seek a developmental pediatrician. I did not know in my heart of hearts that I should have done this first. I was not looking for the easy answer!

I would never consider buying extra Christmas trees because my son gets so much enjoyment out of them. I would also never bribe friends with pumpkin rolls so that we could mooch some turkey from them. And while at this friends house, I would not laugh about some "not me's" that I could post only to forget what they are. And I would not start a craft project with the kids only to throw it away later because it didn't turn out like I wanted it to.

You know, I look at all of these things I "didn't do" and I realize how much I need God's love and forgiveness!! Thank God He (and my family) love me even though I'm constantly screwing up!!

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Prachar family said...

Amen sister, thank God for His forgiveness!!