Friday, December 19, 2008

What's Up?

On any given day at any given hour, if you ask me that, here’s what you are likely to hear:

3:00 am – “Ryan! Go back to sleep. It’s the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!” or “Ryan! What are you doing?? Go back to bed. GET OUT OF YOUR BROTHER’S ROOM.” Yep, sometimes, he’s up and he’s partying! I don’t know if the little trolley that comes around and picks up/drops off preschool party animals just returned and if Ryan gets caught as he sneaks back in the house or what. I think it's time to teach the kid how to read a clock!!

4:00 am – I’m up! I’m ready to run or lift weights. Ok – so maybe not that cheerfully, but seriously, this is the ONLY time that I have to work out. Thank you Mark for taking care of the boys in the morning.

6:30 am – “Zach, pull your pants down then go pee-pee in the potty.” (And they wonder if he can follow multi-step directions!) Sometimes, that request precedes cleaning carpets and stripping beds…

6:45 am – Mark sings the breakfast song. Ryan is usually tugging on his pants anxiously awaiting his bowl of generic Captain Crunch. Zach is busy getting spoons. You can’t forget doling out the medicine and vitamins. The reminder vitamin comes from a seven year old, “I wan ba-ba, I wan ba-ba!” That translates to, “I want my Sponge Bob Vitamin!”

7:35 am – the boys are outside anxiously awaiting the bus. This is a GREAT time of day!! When you ask us what’s up – Mark is smiling. Even though I’m already at work, I’m smiling too – and wouldn’t you be if you finished a work out and are spending your day with 800 middle schoolers?

3:50 pm – What’s up is usually answered with something about Ryan scaling the walls. Yesterday, I turned my back and he was standing on the computer desk trying to figure out how to get even higher. If Ryan is not climbing, he is off on adventures that include hiding keys, rearranging cupboards, or annoying Zach. Zach is usually taking his shoes off and is either trying to play games on the computer or begging me to put a Dora the Explorer show on. I’m usually trying to check backpacks, get snacks, clean up the house and make my “fortune” on Ebay. Before I figure out what the afternoon is going to look like, I need to see what kind of day the boys have had. I can tell immediately if Zach had a “grumpy” face on his report – he hides his backpack!!

If I am suffering from insanity, we usually go to the store and run an errand or two. The majority of the trip goes well, but by the end, I’m ready to run away. The boys are climbing under the check out lanes and rolling on the floor. Why is it that only my kids are crazy? Ok, don’t answer that.

4:25 pm – Mark is home! Aaahhhh… sweet relief. We can go to zone defense – one deals with the boys and the other deals with the house. Mark is much better with the boys and I’m much better with the house. This is when we have to reassemble the beds, make dinner, and triage situations in what I consider to be a crazy life – although you might not think so…

5:30 pm – A yummy dinner is on the table and Zach is begging for “Ah-ah’s” That’s right. I can make a gourmet dinner and my kid wants a hot dog.

The next few hours, the question, “What’s up” can be answered with - “Oh nothing. The kids are just…” racing/crashing cars on the tile, re-enacting the latest WWE moves, dumping matchbox cars on the floor, hiding car keys, opening and closing doors, kicking all the bathwater out of the tub, whining because they are thirsty, playing with the radio in my room, being sent to time-out, being sent to their room because they are whining, or piling on the couch reading books. Yes, that last one is cute –but then the cuddling turns into elbows flying, bickering over books, and one little 4 year old taking much delight in climbing up and down out of your lap. But because he has to wear his shoes and braces, he doesn’t just gently climb into your lap. Oh-no, he has to use your shin as leverage as he his foot slips down your leg!

Hopefully, the question is not answered with, “Well, we are putting ice on Ryan because…”

Around 7:30 – 8:15, “What’s up” is usually answered with a parent or two sighing and saying… “Ryan’s up. It’s your turn to put him back in bed.”

8:30 – the only one up is Mark and you can ask him “What’s up” and you might not get a response because he is totally tuned into the “History of Cheese” or other such stupid stuff.

What’s up at your house? Is my day much different than yours?? And I know it sounds like I'm just "surviving" parenthood. I am actually enjoying the little moments because I know that little kids equal little problems. I'm just praying that God is giving me the problems early because I don't think I will survive big people/big problems!! Here's hoping all the developmental delays, doctor's appointments, dreaming of new dreams, and disappointment in the lack of "normal" is front-loaded and the teen years will be a walk in the park. Yea, I'm dreaming, but hey God's done bigger miracles. I guess I would settle for just one of our faucets turning water into wine!

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Prachar family said...

LOVE it! Want to copy your post! When I have time...not sure it will be half as interesting or funny though! Whats up? 9:00Travis is on the computer. 12:00 Travis still on the computer 2:30 turning off computer to go pick up kids from school...yeah, not so interesting or funny!