Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Guess what day it is?? It's Monday. Guess what that means? Yep, time for Not Me! Monday. This is a blogging game/carnival that was started by McMamma on her blog, My Charming Kids. Basically, this is a chance to deny things that happened over the week. I, of course, can not remember a whole week, so here are the things that pop into my head...

I am {not} proud of the fact that my uncle called me to compliment my Christmas letter. You see, for the longest time he has written the funniest letters. I know this does {not} sound cheesy, but his letters were my inspiration. I have {not} made it! Perhaps he will like my blogs…

I am {not} “jonesing” to go back to Goodwill and find my fortune. I have {not} just sold the last of my stuff hanging around here and now the hard work starts. I was {not} getting used to selling things that did {not} go for $50 and higher. I did {not} sell my old breast pump for $42. I did {not} accidentally sell some woman a pair of shoes in “excellent but used condition” only to have them fall apart the first time she tried them on. I do{not} make mistakes!!

I did {not} willingly put off my Christmas shopping until the 3 days before Christmas. I would {not} normally still be buying stuff. I do {not} think that I will spend less by simply waiting to shop. I am {not} sending my kids to their old day care so I can shop in peace! I am {not} doubly thankful I have the chance to spend a day without them because Mark is out of town. I did {not} harass Mark to do my shopping yesterday. I am {not} hanging it over his head that he forgot my birthday three years ago. I am {not} so childish that I want to have presents under the tree. I did {not} tell him that he doesn’t have to buy them – he could just wrap stuff up from around the house. Seriously – that would be fine!

I do {not} have high-hopes for Zach’s doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. I am {not} asking that you pray that Dr. Kadisan can figure out the nut that is Zach! I do {not} want at least one “box” that my children can fit in – I do {not} want it to be autism so we have more services.

I do {not} get frustrated when my four year old gets out of bed 6 times every nap time and bed time! I do {not} want to find some kind of over the bed tent that I could lock him in! I do {not} need those naps more than he does. I did {not} feed Zach only tortilla chips last night at dinner – I do {not} consider tortillas and salsa (with tomatoes!) to be a well balanced meal.

I did {not} have the slowest run this morning. Ugh. I even increased my intervals to 4-1. And since I did {not} eat my way through last week – I do {not} need to burn as many calories as possible!

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