Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's Monday! You know what that means, right? Time to deny the happenings around the Mikarts household! This is a blog carnival started by MckMama at So when you are done rolling your eyes at me, hop on over and see what hundreds of other bloggers have NOT done!

My husband did NOT spend several afternoon/evenings making this adirondak chair for me. It is NOT a beautiful chair. And I did NOT tell him that it was really uncomfortable. Because my handy husband did NOT get the seat dimensions wrong. I know that I am the MOST encouraging and non-critical person in the world. So this is NOT how the chair conversation went: "Um, this is really nice, but I think you got the butt part wrong. It isn't very comfortable." I did NOT later offer to help him figure it out for the next 3 chairs I've commissioned. (I am NOT happy to report that Mark figured out what when wrong and chair number 2 is perfect so far!)

Anyway, while Mark was out in the man cave doing manyly things, the boys did NOT have a great time playing with the tools. However, this lovely bonding experience did NOT end with a trip to the ER and x-rays. I am NOT happy to report that it was Mark who had the accident. He does NOT have metal shavings in his thumb from a philips head screwdrive bit for his drill. Oops...

Zach did NOT climb all over a multi-million dollar military medi-vac helicopter. He was NOT initially afraid of it, only to NOT later climb on the instruments. I was NOT horrified by the thought of him climbing on stuff - but later figured that if it goes into war zones it can survive a 7 year old!

I did NOT cry at the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympic's swim meet. It was NOT overwhelmed by the support and acceptance shown to these athletes! When they played the Rocky theme song, I was NOT "done for"!!
My only prayer was NOT that Zach would avoid pooping in the pool. I have MUCH higher expectations of my child. And I do NOT know that there are more important things requiring prayer. So I did NOT send this text to Mark: "Woo-hoo... No poo!!" when the meet was over.

Zach did NOT get first place in his events. Ok, so there was NOT only Zach in his division... But still!!

Finally... I am NOT saddened that this is the last week of summer school!

I was NOT dreading going on the youth group mission trip next week. But then on Friday... I did NOT call the youth director and beg her to make the trip at least 2 weeks long because the kids were complete whiney boogers!

I am NOT battling ticks, again! I did NOT feel powerful when the ticks were dying before my very eyes as I bathed the dog. And the dog did NOT have at least 12 ticks on him (and this was after picking a bunch off last night...)

Ryan did NOT wear the same t-shirt 3 days in a row (ok, evening, all day, morning...) I do NOT count swimming as a bath.

I did NOT finally take the van to get new brakes because it is going on the mission trip, too. The rear brakes were NOT so bad they were leaking fluid. Oops...

So leave me a comment about what you have NOT been doing this week!


~Sandy~ said...

Cute pictures!!! Great "Not Me"!

Vester Slawson said...

Looks like your husband was doing a good job on his adirondak chair. You can see my chairs at

Gail Slawson said...

I hope things have been going well for you and your family since your last post. I write a Bible Encouragement post that you might like to read as you trust the Lord each dayl