Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Holy Ghost Party"

Do you know the Kirk Franklin song, "Stomp?" He is a gospel singer and has this great song (showing my age - it's about 10 or more years old). Anyway, one of his lines is "Let's have a Holy Ghost pary" and then goes on and sings in his fired-up-gospel-way.

Well, we had a Holy Ghost party tonight. We went to this Jamaican church tonight. They literally rock!

Picture this... a bunch of white, conservative methodists calmly and primly sitting in the pews. We are wearing shorts and our team shirts. Then on the other side of the aisle are the Jamaican's dressed to the nines - hats, suits, heels, etc.

Then the music starts. I mean... THE MUSIC STARTS. These guys have a song for everything! They talk - sing; talk - sing; and this goes on.

But the music doesn't just start, the place starts hopping. The music is so completely loud that Mike and Mike sitting next to me can't hear my out-of-tune-off-key singing. I am dancing, clapping, and just singing to the Lord. I look like a honky getting down. And I am loving it. I look up and see Missy on the pulpit boogeying. Will is across the aisle shaking his groove-thang. The rest of the white Methodists... not so much.

However, as the singing, talking, singing, talking continues the beat begins to infect the rest of the white methodists. At one point, WE ARE DANCING IN THE AISLES. Seriously. We were dancing in the aisles. You know it's a Holy Ghost party when us white-folk are grooving - in church!

After four hours of church, we are worn out. Yes, four hours of church. Four hours of praising the Lord and sharing our stories.

Which reminds me again - of how awesome our kids are - they shared their testimonies and you would be so proud!!

The icing on the cake? The genuine Jamaican jerk chicken and pork they fed us for dinner.

I now know what heaven is going to be like.

Tomorrow... we start the actual projects and work parts.

We can't wait! Remind me to tell you about our prayer walks!

Keep praying!

Oh yeah - you're thought for the day... It comes from the devotional written by Adventures in Mission...

"When life heats up, we understandably want God to just walk in and put out the flames. But that's not always the way He works. Sometimes he has us walk right through the fire because He has even greater things in mind than we can comprehend."

This thought refers to the three guys thrown into the firey furnace in the book of Daniel. They knew God could save them - but would follow Him even if it meant death!

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