Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mission Trip prayer requests

Hey there! I'm heading to Belle Glades, FL this week for a mission trip with the youth groups from Grace United Methodist and Christ United Methodist. I would like to say that I am totally excited and ready to go.


I am not. My stuff is packed, my to do list is checked off, and we leave in 19 hours.

So my prayer requests are that I stop worrying about the home front. My husband is a wonderful and capable dad. He is loving, he is patient, he is kind, he can kiss boo-boo's, clean up messes, play fun games, and dole out the meds as well as any one.

So what am I worried about?

Well, I'm sending Zach to day camp and this is new. He will have a one-on-one helper who is up for the challenge. But it's Baby Zach, hanging out with the big boys and I'm not there to hover. And this is new. I don't do new. Zach will have a blast. But this is new. I don't do new.

That's it really, that's all I'm worried about. But I worry about Zach. So won't you pray. Pray for Zach - that he uses the potty - and that he does really well at camp.

And pray please, that I can shut everything out but God and what he wants to teach me this week. Because I have asked him 100,000 times to give me an out for this trip. He hasn't. So obviously there is a reason.

And I know that the God who breathed the stars into existence can help Zach use the bathroom. But making that "know" stick in my head has proven to be a challenge.

Please pray!
Oh, and pray for Mark - he has the hardest part!!

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cookiehawk77 said...

Your mission is letting go.

I'll be praying for Mark & the guys. I'm sure Zach will have a blast! And even if he never uses he potty, he's still a great guy!

Have a good trip!
Carol Hawkins

Carol said...

Praying for no worries and only fun on the Mission Trip. Have fun and can't wait to hear and see pictures of the trip!

Praying all week for you, Mission Team and trip!

Carol Erb