Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

Hey, hey, it's MONDAY! Time for more free therapy MckMama style. That's right, a chance to deny things from the week. This is a blog carnival started by MckMama at So when you are done here, hop over to see what hundreds of other bloggers have NOT done!

I do NOT waste HOURS on the computer trying to win the "expert" level of MineSweeper. Seriously, I have so much better things to do. But if I did waste time on this rudimentary game, I would NOT be very mad when I got down to one bomb left. Speaking of NOT wasting time on computer games, I did NOT waste all of my husband's phone battery on some stupid game that is a cross between Superbreak Out and Kaboom from the Atari days.

While getting new cell phones, my husband and I did NOT leave the children to their own devices for a really long time. They did NOT try out every phone in the place. That's not bad enough... they did NOT snuggle up to the other customers. Seriously, Zach did NOT start hugging some guy just because he was paying attention to him! But that's NOT bad enough... while I was playing on my Crackberry, Ryan was not over at the water cooler filling about 30 cups with water and then dumping them on the carpet! I am serious - 30 cups - I counted! The carpet did NOT squish when I stepped. This was NOT our cue to exit...

I am NOT so used to pointing out firetrucks to my children that when I was in the car with a friend, I did NOT say, "Oh! There's a firetruck." She did NOT look at me like I was seriously whack-o.

My husband did NOT manipulate me into learning to fly. I do NOT know that this is for our safety when we fly places. But I am still NOT scared/frustrated/annoyed by these lessons! However, I was NOT praising God when my first two lessons were rained out!

I am NOT so insecure about my boys and their "funks" that I dread making childcare arrangements. I automatically assume that no one wants to spend time with my kids because they are different. I do NOT know how ridiculous this is, but still struggle with it ALL THE TIME.

I am NOT a slacker mom. I do NOT "pawn" my children off on other people frequently! If I did, I would certainly NOT be at the beach and let someone else watch my kids in the giant waves. No way, I'm a perfectly responsible parent. But if I were at the beach and happened to meet one of the pastors at Venice Presbyterian Church and his family, I would certainly NOT hang out with his wife while he was getting coated in sand by my boys. Furthermore, I would NOT be coated in sand when he came over to introduce himself. There is nothing like meeting new people when you are in a swimsuit... much less coated with sand! But since this did NOT happen, I do NOT have to be embarrassed!

And since I am NOT a slacker mom, I wouldn't later go to a picnic at Agape and watch my children run up and down the stairs like wild men! Then I would NOT be thankful that another family has 3 young boys who are as wild as mine. I do NOT get tired of having the wild boys, so I am NOT happy for the company. I do NOT pray that the family with the two docile, sweet girls would have twin boys that are wild Indians... Just so they would understand!

I would NOT have friends over for the 4th of July and teach them the Samuari Pie song. My husband would NOT show the video of me making pie like a Samuari... Mix and kick, mix and kick... (It's from the Backyardigans - I highly recommend it if you are making pies.)

Well what have you NOT done this week? Leave a comment and let me know :)


Anonymous said...

Great Not Me! My aunt had two sweet little girls and then had twin boys. They are 2 now and are their payback!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Fun Not Me post!

.....raising wild boys and living to tell about it! :)

Have a great day! :)

Following Him said...

What a great Not Me Monday post! Oh and by the are not a slacker mom, just one who takes the weekends semi-off :)

RaisingOlives said...

LOL, "There's a firetruck" I have done that except my line was, "Look a choo choo train!"

Great not me.