Sunday, July 19, 2009

Why Bother

Good morning,

The rest of the mission trip world is still sweetly sleeping on airmattresses with sleeping bags, but I got up early to take a beautifully hot shower. I thought I would just share a quick bit about the trip so far...

We arrived in Belle Glades, Florida yesterday afternoon. We left Venice Florida Friday morning and traveled a whopping 30 minutes to Port Charlotte. We did team building and practiced for our VBS. The church we stayed in was a former movie theatre... kinda cool. Saturday morning, we left for the east coast. We went to Lion Country Safari for a little bit. I was looking forward to this, but found it disappointing.

I'm sure this kinda stuff is not what you want to hear about. You probably want to know how the team building and spiritual stuff is going...

Yesterday morning, Missy asked us to ponder this question: "Why bother?"

We had all day to think about it and last night we shared. I'm still not fired up about being here, and I still kinda want to go home. But hearing these kids share why they "bother with Jesus" was so exciting and encouraging! These kids talked about some of the crazy situations they have been in -or seen their friends in - and they lean on Jesus. So cool.

One guy, Steve, told us this conversation he had with a friend. His friend asked, "What if God isn't real?" Steve responded with, "I'm still happier than you, and I still have more peace than you." I know that doesnt' sound deep and theological, but Steve was real and his love for Jesus is real!

And that is why I bother. I want you guys to know the peace and the comfort and the strength that Jesus gives. My children have some pretty gigantic challenges in their life, and some people would look at them and think, "Why bother." But I tell you what... God has a plan for their lives, just as He has a plan for yours and mine. I want my friends to know that. And I want my friends to have the peace, joy and strength that Mark and I have. And the confidence that their special needs children have a purpose!

So here I am this week, I ought to make it count, ya know? So I'm giving this week to God and seeing what kinda chances He gives me to tell people why I "bother" with God!

He changes lives!


Prachar family said...

I am already greatly enjoying your trip and your reason to blog more so that I can get a glimpse of your heart again! Please know that I will be praying diligently for you, Mark, Ryan, and for Zach to use the potty!! I can't wait to hear what He has in store for you!

Carol said...

Thanks for being w/the youth and making sure HE matters! It's nice to know our youth do matter and really do care about sharing w/others about Jesus' Love!!
Will keep you and entire Mission team in my prayers and of course, your precious little boys! Praying potty training comes to reality!!

Hang in there~
Friends in Christ!
Carol Erb
PS~tell everyone there hello!