Monday, September 1, 2008

The Goober Hat

I was lamenting to my brother and a few friends that since I've started blogging, nothing funny has been happening! My boys haven't been coo-coo and so I don't have anything fun to blog.

Yeah for Zach... He gave me something to talk about - even though it isn't that funny. The boys wake up WAY too early - anywhere between 5 am and 6 am. Fortuntately, when I go to the gym in the mornings I get up around 4:15, so 5 am is sleeping in for me! Usually Ryan wakes up first and then gets his brother up. If we don't lock their doors (from the inside so they can get out but the other can't get in) then they will both be up creating havoc in the mornings. This havoc can range from taking everything out of their drawers, to wrestling, to banging toys... Yesterday morning it was socks all over the floor.

Anyway, this morning, Zach was up first (he slept in - he woke up around 5:45 am) and since Ryan's door was locked, he had to find some other entertainment. I heard him, but didn't actually get out of bed. (I was up "late" - 9:30pm!!) So I finally got out of bed and went looking for Zach. He was in the bathroom, standing on the sink, putting band aids all over the mirror! He was so proud of himself and started naming all the characters on the bandaids. I should have grabbed the camera, but I didn't want to encourage him!

Now that I've just typed all that - it's not really that funny. Thanks Missy for telling me I should blog it!! Oh, here's a Missy story... She called me this morning to "thank" me for teaching her son a phrase he probably shouldn't use. Here's this story:

Ryan is now wearing his protective helmet all the time. I hate this hat, but it keeps his head safe from bumps. We hope that the current bumps flatten out... Anyway, Missy and her kids, Gavin (almost 3) and Page were over on Saturday. We were all getting ready to load up in the van and go find puddles to splash in. Zach insisted on wearing socks with his sandals. This upset Mark and my reply was, "So what, his brother is wearing his 'goober hat'. " Well Gavin heard this and has since started calling Ryan's hat a "Goober Hat".

The next day at church, Ryan and Gavin played together and Ryan was wearing his hat. At dinner, he tells Missy, "I played with Ryan and he wore his goober hat." She called me this morning to tell me that she is worried that Gavin will see some other kid wearing a protective helmet and call it a goober hat. Most likely the parents of that child will not have the same warped sense of humor that I do!

My response to Missy, "I'm sorry. I'm not used to having kids that talk!" I think I'm forgiven... Because Gavin is coming over this afternoon!

Ryan and Gavin. See the Goober Hat? See why I hate it? But it does keep his noggin safe...

Don't you think we need a little girl? Mark is feeding Paige. He looks a little uncomfortable, so I think he might need more practice...

Here's the whole clan... Zach is trying to get behind Mark, Ryan confused reading books with eating books and Missy is just content to watch the action while Paige is eating.

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