Friday, September 12, 2008

Goober hat part 2

So we have been wearing the "protective helmet" for about 2 or 3 weeks and Ryan still has some bumps. Go figure... And this morning, right before the bus came, Ryan, wearing his hat, fell and hit his eyebrow on the toy box. Blood everywhere. One very panicked dad. A bus coming any minute now. A screaming child. A freaked out brother. Yes, a very bad scene...

So Mark calls me at work and tells me what's happening and says, "Should I just slap a band aid on it and send him to school." NO!!!!!!!

He throws Zach on the bus and from the bus driver's description, I think he literally threw him on the bus. Then he tells the driver, "Here take this one, I have to rush his brother off to the ER!" She was like, "Um, ok..."

Ryan ended up with 3 stitches on his eyebrow. Gotta love that "protective helmet"! Although all sarcasm aside, I am sure it has saved us from quite a few bumps, but it has still allowed some through!

Zach spent the rest of the day off kilter because he was worried about his brother and couldn't verbalize that. So he was "weepy and frustrated" as his teacher said. On top of all that drama, Dana is out of town for a week. So the poor kid is worried and doesn't even have his Dana to soothe him. Bummer all around!

We shall keep on and one day live in a house without falling children and goober hats. Until then, I'll keep smiling and praying for protection!

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