Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Ok, this is the most fun, ever! I learned about this from Travis Prachar's blog and she learned it from some other blog (I left a link to it on the left.) Basically, "Not Me Monday" works like this - you write a list of things that you would NEVER do (wink, wink, wink). This is very theraputic and fun. I have to admit that this week's list isn't very good, but I'm starting to get the hang of it, so here it goes...

* I would NEVER pick out a door prize based on which one would make the most money on eBay. That would be tacky and cheap!
* I would NEVER have ticks on my children, for the school to remove! No way, not me! Ryan would never have 6 ticks removed by the school nurse.
* My children would NEVER drink from the toilet when their perfectly full and fresh sippy cup is on the counter. That would be disgusting!
* I would never pretend to be sick so I could get in a nap on Sunday!
* I would never send the wrong child to his room when it was actually the other one's fault, again. Actually, my children are perfect and never wrestle, hit or scream.
* I would never forget to get the babysitter because I was reading other people's blogs.
* I would never send my nephew a birthday present a month late.
* I would never feed my children hot dogs day after day.
* I would never try to sell my children's ride on tractor in a garage sale just to make big bucks. They hated this thing - but within the last week, it has become their favorite toy - good thing it didn't sell!
* I would never have this philosphy for babysitters: "As long as they are alive, the rest I can fix."
* I would never give my 7 year old an apple so he would stop talking about riding the bus.

So this list isn't great, but it's a start. Stay tuned for next week's not me activities!


Prachar family said...

I love...uh, don't love the door prize on!! I do that too!! I rarely want/need any door prize! And NONE of my children have ever drank from the toilet either!!

Prachar family said...

OOOPs, I never misspell anything I leave in a comment either...I meant I don't love the door prize ONE...