Sunday, September 7, 2008

I've lost Ryan!

Yipee! I have officially lost Ryan in two ways... I am down to my pre-Ryan-pregnancy weight. I know I wasn't exactly thin when I got pregnant with him, but at least after 4 years I am back there and not where I was in May. (Does that make sense?) The second way I've lost Ryan is that I am down 35 lbs and that is how much he weighs. I can't believe I was carrying all that weight and now it is gone! Now, I just have to lose Zach in two ways... I'll let you know when I lose Zach! I wouldn't be able to do this without the bible study the Lord's Table. It's an intense Bible study, but it's effective - I've lost Ryan and gained a much closer relationship with God! How cool is that?!

The goober hat has been on Ryan "full-time" for several weeks now and he still manages to bang up his head! Talk about frustrating...

Here's my cute Zach story of the day - or week. Zach LOVES girls of all ages (that's the background). He went to the dentist on Friday and a whole gaggle of girls came to get him - like 4 hygenists and one female dentist... He was in heaven! He had sealant put on his molars and then needed a baby tooth extracted. After about 10 minutes of all this, he started to get impatient. Whenever he could talk, he said, "I want to see Dana!" The girls all thought this was cute and that Dana was his girlfriend. No, it's his teacher. I was in the waiting room thinking, "Hey! What about me?? I'm your MOTHER!! And you want Dana??" While I will admit that Dana is a saint and an incredible teacher, I'm his MOM! When he wins the world series or is on tv, will he say, "Hi Mom!" Nope, not my kid, he'll say, "Hi Dana!"


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