Monday, May 17, 2010

Whoops, forgot to mention...

Oops, so I neglected to mention that all my praying, worrying, stressing, and freaking out resulted in me getting what I hope is the right thing for my children...

We got the "go ahead" to send the boys to the new school that is designed specifically for children like mine. I am excited for the possibilities that are ahead, but a little bit weepy about the fact that we need such an environment. I know there will be frustrations at the new school and I will miss certain things about the old school. But overall, this change is gonna be good!

Here's a few cute things Zach has said lately...

Z: Knock, knock
Me: Who's there
Z: You
Me: You who?
Z: fake laughs [I don't think he knows why this is funny, he just knows he's supposed to laugh]

Me: Who do you like better, Dora or Chloey?
Z: Chloey is as hot as a snowman!

Z: Chloey is a hot dog. [We were trying to get him to say, "Chloey is hot"]

At 5:30 in the morning on Sunday, Ryan comes in Zach's room to play. Mark was already there - although I don't know why.
M: Ryan, come with me, let's go snuggle in your bed.
Z: Yea Ryan, go with daddy to your room. [This is perhaps the longest original sentence from Zach]

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Sauce Remix said...

when i pray and have some intimate time with the Lord today, i will remeber you and ur family in my prayers...i was just browsing some blogs and came across urs, i just started one today for me and the ministry God has given me. I felt encouraged by reading ur blog and seeing the scripture of comfort on ur page. May the God who is able to do abundantly above anything we can think, bless you and continue to hold ur family in his sovereign hands.