Monday, January 11, 2010

Colorado Vacation

Has it really been a month since I blogged last?

Here are a few pictures from Colorado. I would love to share more, but the mountains will look the same to you guys and I didn't get that many good pictures of the kids.

We did a modified house swap with some dear friends of ours. They moved to Divide, Colorado about 5 years ago. Divide is 45 minutes "up the mountain" from Colorado Springs. Mohan used to say they were at 9,000 ft altitude and it meant nothing to me. But after the first night of throwing up and having a headache from the altitude it suddenly meant something - that and Mark telling me pilots use oxygen at 11,500 ft.

This was the perfect Christmas vacation - snow, scenery and friends. It was pretty cold, but when the sun shines, it wasn't bad. I never made it skiing, but plan to go back some day soon. We did go to Breckenridge for an afternoon. GORGEOUS. We rode a gondola and Zach still talks about going on the "helicopter". He keeps asking if we can do it tomorrow. We also rode the Pike's Peak cog railway and visited the Focus on the Family headquarters. We only went sledding twice and looking back, I wish we had done it more. Some days were just too cold. Plus, it takes so much effort to get everyone dressed!

Here we are sledding the second time. The hill was not nearly as steep, but there were steps to help us get to the top. Ryan was NOT a fan, but Zach loved it!

When we went on the train ride, we saw more gorgeous scenery. We didn't make it to the top because of the snow on the tracks. Ryan got a bit antsy, so we gave him our little camera and he actually took good pictures. Here he is showing Zach some of the pics.

Mark getting the boys ready the first time. Ryan's jacket was really puffy and a bit snug, so he was the stereotypical kid who can't put his arms at his side. The first time we put mittens and gloves on the kids was the hardest. They had no concept of putting your fingers in the holes. Florida babies...

Some of the gorgeous scenery...

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