Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti updates and thoughts

The staff and volunteers at Agape are working tirelessly to get supplies organized and ready to be sent to the missionaries in Haiti. We usually move about 2500lbs of cargo a week. In the last five days we have moved 30,000lbs! There is much more ready to go and the amount of donations is mind-boggling. But not to the mighty God we serve!

I have had the privilege of helping the last 2 days. I love sorting, weighing and boxing up the supplies. I also love the physical labor of unloading the supplies. Today I left the boys with Mark and went and helped.

Mark leaves tomorrow for a week to ferry supplies between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. I am feeling sorry for myself because I will be with the kids by myself for that time. So I'm being royal pain in butt and I know that is wrong. So I think I need to work on the 'tude a bit, ya know?

I am not really worried about Mark's safety, I can't imagine he will be leaving the airport in Haiti. I do worry about the missionaries and their ability to get the supplies to the needed locations and the people they are helping.

Speaking of missionaries, Agape has heard from about 103 of the 130 missionary families we serve. With time ticking on, I am getting more concerned about the 27 other families! Several of the missionaries have had limbs amputated. From what I understand, it is not because the injury was so bad, it's because they weren't able to get medical attention in a timely manner. Wow, how heartbreaking. It's hard to wrap my mind around the suffering. You know, when I think it's a big problem that I'm going to be inconvenienced for a week because I have to take care of my kids by myself. How many moms in Haiti would do anything to hear their child cry!

Oh and, speaking of the Agape staff working crazy hours, pray for endurance! Also, pray for the families that don't get to see much of their mom or dad because they are keeping long hours! But despite our tiredness, we know that we are the lucky ones - for so many reasons!

God Bless!

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