Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Relief - random thoughts

I am overwhelmed by the thoughts and pictures of the devestaion to that already destroyed country! I can't imagine what it looks like in person.

My husband flies for a mission organization that delivers mail, cargo and supplies to the missionaries in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. They have a relationship with over 130 missionaries in the Port Au Prince area. So far, they have only heard from 30 families. The good news is, of those 30 everyone is physically ok. Many have lost their homes, but not their love and compassion for Jesus - the ultimate healer and restorer.

Mark is flying a group of doctors today and for the first time EVER, he has admitted he is nervous. I am so anxious about that! I am giving my anxiousness to the Lord, but it keeps coming back.

I am also overwhelmed by the amount of support that has flowed! In my school alone, dozens of people have offered to help - and this is from a public non-Christian school.

My prayers are that the people of Haiti turn to the Lord and realize that He is what they need. has a great site that lists a bunch of needs and names to pray for.

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