Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have a few thoughts tonight, they are more like ponderances. They are, by no stretch of the imagination, deep thoughts. But they are things I'm wondering about.

First and foremost, why am I getting the "karmic revenge" for things my brother did? I was not the child who flushed things down the toilet, so why am I the one who has to take the toilet off the floor to remove a toy fish? Hellooo... DOUG was the one who flushed rocks down the toilet. Why am I the one who has to scrub Sharpie off the wall? I was not the one who wrote colord his baseboards with pencil during nap time - Helloooo people... that was DOUG! I wasn't exactly perfect, but I should be paid back for the things I did - like being cute and adorable, being a good student, and always sharing my toys. Ok, so maybe not - but still...

Then, after my second batch of "Amish Friendship Bread" I am wondering how it got it's name. It's name should have something to do with a food version of a chain letter. Also, it's disguisting, so why would you want to share it with a friend? This batch wasn't as bad as the first, but it's still not something I would pass along. I mean seriously, I can't imagine saying, "Hey friend! I am so thankful for your friendship. Try this bread. It will sit on your counter looking like barf in a bag and then you can bake it into a tasteless brick. But I really appreciate you." But furthermore, if I know it's yucky, why do I still eat it?????

Next thought is why is facebook so engaging? Do I really care that some person I haven't thought about since high school graduation is going to work? Why do I feel the need to have 437 friends? (I really don't have that many, but I could see it heading there.) Then I wonder, why aren't some of these people asking to be my friend? What's wrong with me?

Why is that kids are quietest when they are doing the worst things? Why do my boys have this need to turn everything into a wrestling match? And finally, why is the outside of my refrigerator rusting - the water doesn't drip out of the water dispenser, nothing sits in the little resevoir, and it's only 5 years old - (well, 5 years and 5 days since we moved into the brand-new house)?


Prachar family said...

OK, you are not doing something right with that friendship bread!! I had a batch going for several months and stocked my freezer with the DELICIOUS loaves, tried all different fruits and nuts in them and gave them away to thankful people who loved it as well! Mine was never green or blue (hard to tell in the photo), so maybe that is your deal...you got a bad start, maybe! Apples were my favorite in the bread, next was zuccini!

D said...

I don't remember any of that. Mom said, I was the perfect child, that can't spell. Your great bother, Doug