Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Can you believe it... another Monday is here... another chance to deny the events of the week.  Not Me! Monday is a blog carnival started by MckMamma and  So when you are done shaking your head at what I did not do, hop on over to her page and see her blog and links to hundereds of other people's!

I am not having trouble, as usual, coming up with things to deny this week.  Perhaps this means I'm getting close to perfection... NOT!

I will start with the good and perhaps it will not spiral downhill.  I am not completely amazed that I was able to run a half-marathon.  I was not sweating it earlier in the week because of an ankle injury.  I did not tape my ankle and I was not pain free for the majority of the run.  I was not surprised that running 13 miles would be so tough.  I have not run more than that and been less wiped out.  I guess there's something about a "race" that makes it tougher.  I did not feel slightly guilty for not running a full marathon.  I did not feel like "lesser" of an athlete because I wasn't doing the full 26.  I guess I am not still struggling with the head-game.  I am not happy that I finished before several people that I know!  I did not proudly wear my t-shirt around yesterday, hoping someone would comment.  I am not disappointed that no one read my shirt!

I am not completely annoyed by Valentine's Day.  But at the same time, I am not too involved in "mompetition" that I bought my kids cards for school.  I did not wimp out and only tape candy on to the cards.  I do not feel horrible that I forgot a card for Ryan's girlfriend!  In my not-defense, her name was not on the list from school and she was not in Ryan's class picture.  I was not upset because I thought she moved.  But I did not realize she was still around when I was not eating the candy from her!  I did not want to go out and buy her some little gift from Ryan.  (If you read my previous post about eliminating Valentine's Day, you would be embarrassed for me!)  I did not happily sort through my children's loot and hide the candy I did not want to eat.  And...  I did not happily receive chocolates from my sweetie, but then give him a hard time for the price he paid!  I did not say that I wouldn't eat them only to devour half the box.  I did not laugh my head off when Zach took one and then drool chocolate goo all over the tile.  The funny part was not Mark's reaction.  You'll have to ask him what it looked like to him.  But I also do not consider the can of pepper spray he gave me to be a present too.  I do not like saying that was my gift from him - even though he says it was not...  I am not the meanest wife/mom - well maybe not...

I am not neglecting my regular life to continue reading vampire novels!  I do not justify it by saying at least I'm using my brain when I read.  

I am not enjoying my day off from school.  I did not spend the better part of the morning at the playground reading my book while the boys played.  I did not find the "safest" playground for Ryan.  Ryan does not love to hang out of openings that are at least 5 feet off the ground.  So I did not find a playground that doesn't have openings other than at stairs and slides.  I did not turn my back on him for 3 minutes today to find him on a counter about to go through the cupboard with wine glasses.

I am not sure if there is more to add - or deny.  But the boys are not getting too loud outside and I am not worried about their activities...  I'll probably not add more later as I think of it.


E said...

Ha ha ha, love the goo. I'd love to know what he thought it looked like?

Happy belated Valentine's Day...
and Happy Monday!

Laurie said...

Congratulations on your race! I am doing one too later in the year, and I am not disappointed that out of the 50+ people I sent an e-mail to, none donated. :(

Hope you have a great week!