Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

Can you believe another Monday is here, on our dooorsteps? The only reason I love Mondays is because of this blog carnival started by MckMamma at Hop on over to her blog when you are done here and see what the rest of the crazy-bloggers are denying. Because... this is our chance to deny what happened this week - free therapy!

I am not going to add pictures later, because I am not at work doing this before my day gets started... Speaking of work... I am not sick and tired of hearing about the horrible budget and all the cuts that have happened/are going to happen. I do not just want to lock myself inside a little bubble and forget about the looming gloom and doom. I am not thrilled that I passed my middle-grades integrated curriculum test. I did not sweat it for awhile because it was not harder than I expected. I did not listen to people when they said it was easy. I am not feeling like they set the bar low! But then I'm not feeling vainglorious about the fact that several people say that I'm the smartest person they know. I do not have them fooled...
This "not me" is left over from last week. I did not knowingly send my child to the church nursery commando... Yep, I did not take his pull-up off after he pooped in it. I did not shrug my shoulders and say, well, he's done pooping for the day, he'll be ok. I was not later interrupted during my dominoes game and told that Zach wet his pants. Bless the nursery people's heart, they did not think I sent him commando. They figured he did it himself... I did not confess that I was a part of this one... Fortunately, though, when Zach did not have more poop that evening, he made it in the potty. So it was only a pee accident. It could have been worse, much worse...
I did not skip out on my family Friday night to go to Missy's dad's house. Linda, Cindy, Missy and I did not drink wine and eat homemade potato chips and cheese fondue for dinner. We did not play this game called Kokology where you answer a seemingly innocent question only for the answer to reveal some deep, dark, quirk in your personality. I did not realize that reading a magazine from front to back and only reading what interested me mean that I am a cheapskate. I did not know I was a cheapskate and I did not need a magazine reading analysis to let me know... But some of the other "revelations" are not fit for my blog... Sorry folks!

Then, when I got home from the slumber party, I did not "forget" to call my family to find out where they were. I did not enjoy the peace and quiet for 2 hours. I did not clean my house – I do not get frustrated when 5 minutes after the family returns, the house is a wreck again! I am not frustrated with my refrigerator… it does not leak water when Ryan leaves the door open for a minute or two. You know why it does not leak water, because Ryan does not, ever, stand there playing in the refrigerator – no, not Ryan…

My ankle is not still bothering me. Ugh. I am not totally stressed about the marathon in April.
And finally, I do not feel that working in the church nursery is a prison sentence. I do not look at my opportunity to volunteer as “doing time”. I do not prefer 100 middle schoolers over 10 preschoolers.

So what did you not do this week?


Prachar family said...

I do not ALWAYS love your list! I do not hope that ankle gets better SOON either!

Wayne said...

hey great not me monday

I'm doing a new post called Tell a joke tuesday. It has mr linky so you can share your jokes or funny story that happend to you with the world

I hope you will join in
it starts in about 5 hours