Friday, February 13, 2009

A grassroots effort...

[Blogger's note: I'm grumpy today. It has to do with the achille's tendon. Today's victim is cupid... I know there is no correlation between cupid and a runner's injury, but this is my blog and I can make any crazy connection that I want...]

I want to start a grassroots effort to end the Valentine's Day madness. I have never liked Valentine's Day and this holds true whether I've had a "valentine" or not. It's an overrated Hallmark holiday. I have felt this way since high school. My mom is fantastic, she always gave us little gifts, but never went "over-board." My husband would also get me stuff - if I would let him. In fact, one year, he showed up at my work and brought me a thermos full of M & M's and there were earrings in thei bottom of the thermos. It was very sweet and my students loved the M & M's.   This year, being the true romantic that he is, I got a can of pepper spray for my early morning runs.

So why do I want to eliminate this holiday? Because of the mompetition! Everything changed when my kids entered school. No longer is a little card sufficient. Oh no, now you have to have a little present to go with it. A piece of candy taped to the card is not sufficient either. It has to be a little bag of candy in a cute little heart bag tied with ribbon. Or it has to be a little beach pail with a cute card that says, "Valentine, I dig you..." or Bubbles that say, "Valentine you blow me away..." I can't do it !!! (Although I will admit that the bubbles was something I did a few years ago) I'm not creative, I'm cheap, and I have to do the work. I have enough stress in my life - I don't need the additional stress of coming up with gifts for my kids' classmates! (Halloween costumes fall in this category too)

For example, last night, I wimped out and attached candy to a cheesy little card for Ryan's class. With Zach, I made him write his name on the cards and taped M & M's too it. I should have just signed his name because you have no idea what effort it takes to get Zach to write his name. NO IDEA!!! (Sorry Amanda, I'm one of those mom's who would sign the kids name GLADLY!!) I mean come on people - there are bigger issues out there to deal with - and more important things to do with my time, like Facebook, blogging and selling things on Ebay (just kidding, well - sorta).

But I rest in this knowledge, when the moms of Zach and Ryan's classmates open the backpacks and find the Valentine's loot, they will feel much better about themselves. I will be the loser in this mompetition because all I did was tape candy to a cheesy little card... I should also be happy that someone got my kids something - because I didn't.

Oh, and what about the parents that buy their children expensive jewelry for Valentine's Day? They are totally setting them up for major disappointment and heartache down the road! I'm all for low-maintenance children that don't expect big things for little holidays. Or even big things for big holidays... I mean seriously folks, diamond earrings for a 13 year old??

Also, thank God for Grandma - she always sends things to my kids for the holidays. Some one has to look out for the little Hallmark holidays... I could go on about how her presents make up the majority of what my kids get for birthdays and Christmas. (But that would be another blog for another time - topics that would include taking advantage of my children's developmental delays and cheapness...)

Anyway, I want to end the over-doing-it-ness of Valentines Day. I'm all for love and appreciation. I'm not for the craziness of parties and little gifts for classmates.

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